Web domain expertise

Being one of the most competent website development companies in Mumbai, we at BrandStory deliver compatible website solutions to a diverse set of clients. Our developers have expertise in designing websites for various industries and domains. Here are a few of them:

Education- We aid our clients to make their educational institutions at par with the contemporary digital world. Through us, they can avail solutions like LMSs, knowledge-based applications, and 3D book reading apps.

Tourism -We can help tourism-based organizations to augment their interactivity capacity with customers. Our developers can make a website equipped with solutions like payment gateways, virtual tours, and e-ticketing systems.

Finance- The sphere of finance has witnessed a lot of digital advancement in recent years. Through us, you can enjoy solutions like asset management and crypto wallet applications.

Healthcare – Our web developers can develop healthcare applications and websites by abiding by the guidelines of HIPAA.

Retail – As one of the major website development consultants in Mumbai, we can improve the shopping experience of your customers by equipping your website with features like real-time chatbots.

Entertainment – Our website development team can provide companies belonging to the media and entertainment industry with solutions like video streaming, CRM and brand management, as well as AI chatbots.


Offering robust website design services in Mumbai, we at BrandStory follow a comprehensive website development process.

Requirement Gathering- Our process starts with listening to your requirements and reviewing your project. We at BrandStory strive to gain a good understanding of your needs to develop the perfect website for your company.

Choose Engagement Models and Timelines -Our experienced experts would suggest the ideal engagement model, overall project development costs and estimated timelines, on the basis of your project.

Project Initiation and Delivery - According to your chosen engagement model, your project would be allocated a team of experts. Our product manager would subsequently deliver the project as per the timeline after doing a thorough quality analysis.

BrandStory for website development

BrandStory is a website development company in Mumbai that offers a plethora of innovative, efficient and effective web services to discerning clients. Our team comprises of expert designers and developers who can competently create a compatible and user-friendly website for your business.

We strive to make sure that your brand identity and core values are adequately represented in the pages of your website.

Web Development Services

As a reputed web design company in Mumbai, we at BrandStory offer an expansive array of services that are personalized according to the distinct requirements of our clients.

We strive to make sure that your brand identity and core values are adequately represented in the pages of your website.

• Consulting and Business Analysis: Our consultants are always ready to guide you in case you require any assistance in selecting the perfect technology for your next web app project.

• Custom Web Application Development: Through us, you can avail scalable, high performing and secure web development services that are customized as per your business needs.

• UX design: Offering premium website design services in Mumbai, we at BrandStory follow the industry best practices when it comes to UX designing.

• Progressive web app development: We can provide you with high-end, progressive web app solutions that are renowned for their high reliability and visual appeal.

• Software product development: Our website development team has a good level of experience and expertise in offering custom web solutions that boast of advanced features and augmented security.

• Up-gradation and migration: You can easily get in touch with the BrandStory team in case you desire to migrate your current web technology to some other platform or upgrade your outdated technology

BrandStory'sWebsite development team

Our team comprises of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who have over the years provided design, development and digital solutions to more than four hundred clients across the globe. The BrandStory team aims to offer the most competent website design services in Mumbai that impeccably meets all the requirements and concerns of our discerning clientele.

BrandStory: The right choice for website development

We listen

We focus on listening and understanding all your requirements thoroughly to get a clear picture of the website you desire.

We analyze

Being an experienced web design agency in Mumbai, we offer Clickstream + In-page analytics reporting that enables you to keep a track of our work, and subsequently develop and promote your website based on diverse performance indicators

We communicate

We take inputs from our clients and ask for their approvals in every step of the way. You can be assured that we shall always communicate all details about the diverse aspects of your website development with you.

Mobile ready website

As the providers of premiumwebsite design services in Mumbai, we can develop websites with mobile friendly user interface and accelerated performance.

Performance Ready

After a website is live, we configure strategic forms enabled with Heatmap and Analytics tools to sense the User-Journey, and then make the needed changes.

Web Browsers Compatibility

We design and integrate a website design to be perfectly compatible across diverse browsers in various types of operating systems.

Engagement Models

Dedicated Resource Model

Our web design company in Mumbai would offer you a dedicated infrastructure and skilled professionals in case of this model, who would exclusively work on your project. This model would be ideal for you if you desire to control the whole development process, while not getting into the hassle of hiring any additional staff.

Fixed Time and Price Model

This is a low risk model in which our web development agency in Mumbai would work alongside you to define the expected timelines and deliveries, while coming to a mutually agreed fixed price. This model would be ideal for you in case your needs are unlikely to alter and the project duration can be accurately determined.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the modern digital environment, it has become crucial for all companies to have a website. The website of a company acts as a representative of the firm in the virtual world. Your company website would feature important information about your business, as well as the product or services that you offer. Your website would also act as an important advertising and marketing tool, and help you in boosting your leads. The purpose of web development services involve the creation of a website that aids in maintaining communication between you and potential clients, sell your services or products, generate leads for your business, and increase your overall brand awareness and popularity. Offering the most competent website development services in Mumbai, BrandStory can create a website that beautifully narrates the story of your brand, and both attract and engage your target audience.

Web development refers to the process of building and maintaining a website. It involves all the work that happens behind the scenes to ensure that a website looks great, performs well and works fast. Being a reliable website development company in Mumbai, BrandStory also makes sure that a website is able to provide a seamless user experience. Web development includes many types of web content creation as well, and may involve content management systems (CMS). A website developer typically is involved in designing a website, as well as writing scripts in languages like ASP and PHP. They also aid in maintaining and updating databases used by a website.

There are a plethora of front-end development tools available that are used to accelerate the web development process and augment its efficiency. As a top web development agency in Mumbai, here are some of the tools we use for website development at BrandStory:

• HTML5 Boilerplate: It aids in building adaptable, robust and fast web applications or websites. It includes a set of files that developers can download and use as a foundation for any website.

• Bootstrap: An open source toolkit that is used for developing a website with HTML, CSS, and JS.

• PHP: A general-purpose scripting language that is suited especially for web development.

• WordPress: An open source and free content management system written in PHP.

• React JS: A front-end website development framework that follows a component-based website development model.

A webpage is a document that is accessible through the Internet by using a web browser. This document is usually written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and can be accessed by entering the relevant URL address on a browser. A webpage is stored in an ‘html file’, which can be created in almost any program that is used to edit text files. There also are specialized programs that enable you to create html files. You can easily create such files by using Notepad in Windows, PICO and VI editor. An html file would feature "control codes” or “html tags “that decides how a webpage would look when viewed on a web browser.

To identify the perfect number of pages that should be on a website, first let us go through some statistics:

• On average most new visitors to a website only look at about 2-3 pages while on their laptop or desktop

• On their tablet or Smartphone, most new visitors additionally only look at 1-2 pages on average

Hence, for professional services, the majority of people would only check out your Home Page, About us and Contact pages, as well as your Portfolio. However, while a simple 3-5 page website is enough to engage the visitors on their first visit to your website, it is important to have more pages for the people who come back there for second or third visits. Being one of the most reliable website development consultants in Mumbai, we can help you to figure out the perfect number of pages you would need for your website.

The success of any website majorly depends on its design. In addition to visual design, a well-designed website would also include the aspects of usability and utility. Here are some of the major principles of web design:

• Simple is the best: Simplicity is the key to a user-friendly website

• Consistency: Design elements in each of the pages should be consistent

• Readable typography: Typography used should be visually appealing and easily readable

• Mobile compatibility: The website design should suit all screen sizes

• Carefully chosen color palette and imagery: Good color combination magnetizes and engages visitors, while a poor combination may lead to distraction

There are a plethora of technologies and tools available nowadays that help in developing dynamic and interactive websites. While HTML, CSS, JavaScript are some of the key languages used in web development, React JS, Angular JS, and Node JS are some of the most prominent JavaScript Frameworks involved in this process. As one of the prime web design agencies in Mumbai, we use website development frameworks like React JS and general-purpose scripting language like PHP in our website development process.