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Optimizing a website is now a task of higher importance. This should be applicable for Both Mobile and PC. Do you know how to increase your website speed? Well, there are 10 ways to improve load speed of your website in mobile and desktop.

Do you know how much it will cost if your website page has a one-second delay? This is the report: 

  • 7% loss in conversions
  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

As a negative impact, it stays on your website forever unless you make some major decisions about it. 

Influence That the Website Speed Can Diverge 

This has a connection with optimization. We will give you the best 10 ways to improve website load speed optimization of your website in mobile and desktop. They are:

  1. Minimize HTTP Requests

From the reports of Yahoo, around 80% of a web page’s load time is wasted with downloading different parts of the page, like videos, scripts, and stylesheets.

Minimizing the requests of HTTP can do a lot of major things in your website’s loading speed. 

  1. Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

This is an important part for the improvisation of your web page’s speed. Scripts such as JavaScript and CSS can be loaded in different methods. They are Synchronously or Asynchronously.

In Synchronously loading, the web page loads one content at a time. Asynchronously loading of files can speed up your pages in the browser. 

  1. Defer JavaScript Loading

It is also a part of the 10 ways to improve load speed of your website in mobile and desktop. This ensures your web page content that the rest of the content can get a quicker response without making any delay.

  1. Decrease Time to First Byte

Time to first byte or TTFB is the time that a browser waits before getting its first byte from the source (server). As per Google, the recommended value of TTFB is less than 200 ms. Three things happen when a user is looking for something in his browser. They are:

  • DNS lookup
  • Server processing
  • Response

Brand Story Digital works on some major factors to decrease the TTFB for your website.

  1. Reduce the Response time from the server

This is the part where DNS lookup takes place. As per DNS lookup, we have to faster the response so that you can get quicker results for your website. It is not a huge deal for our website handlers. They can do it for your good.

  1. Selection of the right hosting option

This is a choice that plays a significant role. You should go with the best one for getting higher traffic. Brand Story Digital can generate the best hosting options you need. We never let you down.

  1. Run a compression audit

Within this audit, we analyze different factors that have maximum space in the webpage. After finding them, we optimize them for speed performance. 

  1. Use of Browser caching

This is a vital tool. We use it on your website to give a better response on every browser of the users. The preloading of all data within your browser is a better option for faster reloading.

  1. Reduce the image sizes

We prefer the use of lower resolution images and make your website faster for loading across all platforms.

  1. Use a CDN

We apply the use of a CDN to connect your website to a global network or servers. This increases the browsing speed.

A few words!

Brand Story Digital offers you to improve the speed of your website by eliminating all filthy reasons for its slowness.

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