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This is the part when a client can understand how worthy his website is to stand at the top of the search engine results. All these Tracking Web Page Rankings can be difficult for you but not for Brand Story Digital.

We provide the best methods for your website to judge it in depth and make its ranking sustainable for the long term. These are the tactics that our fellow SEO experts in mumbai conducts so well.

Overview of Estimating Your Rankings

4 major steps are there to understand whether your website can find its place in the top results or not. Yes, Tracking Web Page Ranking is dependent on these steps. It varies from time to time. But our presence can keep your website’s ranking safe for further due.

Here are the steps that we consider for your website’s sustainable ranking:

  1. Analyze a Keyword

With this process, we can provide the best rankings for your website. A tracked keyword and its performance is important for keeping your website at the top place. The right use of keywords and analyzing their significance is upon us.

We do the work for collecting the best ideas for your website. We complete the process to maintain the rank of your website with the associated keyword. These keywords should be as per your products and services. Only then, you can generate tons of organic traffic on your web page.

  1. Page Optimization

This is a process that we conclude in the campaign. We create a pairing of a keyword for your site. All this information is coming out of tracking a URL from the tracked sites available. Also, the use of page optimization with the keyword allotment is important.

Doing so can show your rank and give a proper settlement to your website’s ranking for further due. Also, we conduct weekly and monthly optimization and prepare reports for the benefits of your website.

  1. Rank Checker

With the help of our tool, we check your website’s rank frequently. It keeps us informed about the status of your website. If anything goes sideways, our crew members are always available to put in their efforts.

This is a tool that focuses on different keywords we are using. We do not allow the use of outdated keywords or irrelevant phrases in your web page. This will ruin your ranking. However, thanks to our SEO team and their knowledge on operating this tool.

Using a rank checker can put some major changes to your website. This change is a specific page and the combo of keywords on that page drives the rank of your site above the reach of your competitors.

  1. Rank Check Feature in Keyword Explorer Lists

This is a tool; keyword explorer helps you to find what kind of keyword you want to refer to. It is not mandatory for you to suggest but we accept your proposal in different ways. We hear our clients’ queries and demands when it comes to the selection of the right keywords.

This is a feature in our tool that helps us to find the ranking of currently used keywords. The references from your part are okay but we suggest trusting our methods and following the flow of our work.


Brand Story Digital is aware of all facts associated with the Tracking Web Page Ranking. As a matter of fact, the right keyword we prefer is your website. We suggest you join us for better and convenient output.

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