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Previously, Google used to rank the search results without any information about why it has been ranked as such. Now, to make it more clear for the users and viewers, Google has built up an idea about why a certain search result has ranked at a particular position. There is now an explanation in the section about this result as to why Google found this result useful. According to Google, its search results listings now include information about why a certain result was ranked high and why it wasn't. This result box introduced in February 2021 has been expanded with this feature.

This can show related terms or terms that were not direct matches but were picked up by Google Search from the web page and your query. Also listed by Google is whether other websites' links affected the ranking, whether related images were entered, whether geographic factors contributed to the ranking, etc. Google has said that this section is able to tell you several factors about why a particular page is ranked in its search results. In this section, Google also displays suggestions to help you refine your search if you don't find the results to meet your objectives.


The Google Factors

Here are the factors that have been noticed while testing Google, but Google didn't specify all of them:

  • Keywords appearing in search results. Generally, Google will display which keywords from the searcher's query were found in the content or HTML of the webpage that Google ranked. A match can consist of not only visible content, but also HTML elements such as a title tag or other Meta information.
  • Searchers searched for these terms. This will allow Google to match both terms related to your exact query as well as phrases that are "related" to that query.
  • Links to this result appear on other websites related to the searcher’s search. Here you will find a link to the result listed in the Google search results from a site with these search terms on its pages and links. There's no doubt that Google uses links to determine the ranking.
  • A related image is displayed in this result. A Googlebot will also scan images to determine if they are related to your query and are found on that page, possibly the filename of the image.
  • This result is shown in the language input by the user. Google currently only shows English, but it may offer other languages when it expands. Consequently, if you are searching in French, you are more likely to see French results from Google. Or Google might show you French search results if you type in a search in French.
  • The location of the searcher determines the relevance of this result. When looking for web pages with more local relevance, Google may consider the searcher's location, the site's location, and the query. A person looking up [vaccine websites in London] for vaccination in London probably wants local websites for that vaccine.  The details will appear here if you search Google.

Google will tell the searcher how to perform the Search

Google will also provide tips on narrowing search results when users run their mouse over the words underlined in this box. A minus sign appears to be suggested by Google for the word running in order to exclude it from the search results. The "about this result" box for each page can offer some specific search tips based on the query.

The feature is rolling out in the US

In the United States, Google is currently rolling out this feature for the English language only. The expectation is that this will appear in about 10% of US-based queries, and about 100% by next week. More languages and countries will be added as time goes on.

This "about this result" feature has not been exploited by Google but clearly, they are investing in it. There are hundreds of millions of times this result feature has been viewed by Google users, but they won't share what percentage of users has used it.

The very important question is how it is going to change the search result scenario and affect the ranking of the result in the future. Although it seems like a helpful feature as it will help the user understand why Google has ranked the particular rank in such a manner and thus they may be able to search for what they are looking for.


For years, marketers and SEO agencies in mumbai have been wondering why a particular site was ranked level one on Google. In this new box, Google now allows you to view some pretty detailed information about the factors that Google considered while ranking that site. The data does not give detailed ranking weights or signal values but tells you if the words are in agreement or not if links are pointing to the site and many other things.

Having that information might provide more transparency for Google and its users, as well as understanding why that result ranked so highly for a searcher. Also, it will be really helpful to determine if a particular website or web page should be ranked higher on Google or not. The user may easily understand if the website or webpage ranked has been genuinely using those certain keywords or just put it to rank high on Google.

It will also help the users or website owners or SEOs to understand how the keywords have to be put in order to meet the terms and conditions of Google in order to rank high in Google search results. This will be really impressive to see how the users or owners or SEOs use this new feature to mold up their website or webpage to get a higher rank on Google.

So, what are you waiting for? Belong to the US? Try out this new feature now! Go to Google, perform a search and then look for your search result that is why it has been ranked in that particular way.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful to you, thanks for reading!

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