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Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the ranking of a particular website, a blog, or a page on the Search Engine. It helps in bringing the page to the 1st search page by ranking it in the top 10 over the searches. Now, what if someone tries to confuse the Search Engines? Although it seems like who will do that? It happens. Many times SEOs try to confuse the search engines with wrong keywords and wrong links attached or added to different websites or web pages.

In this article, we will know about, what’s SEO? Why do some SEOs try to confuse the Search Engines? How do they do it? And what Google has to say about that? Let us learn about this all in detail.

Search Engine Optimization

With the help of Search Engine Optimization one can easily enhance the 2 Q’s, the Quantity and Quality of the traffic of a website or a webpage from the search engines.

SEO is an Organic search and targets the unpaid traffic, and not the paid and direct traffic. This unpaid traffic may emerge from many different types of searches like video, news, academic, image search, etc.


SEOs try to confuse Search Engines

Although a Search Engine’s algorithm works in its finest way, some SEOs try to crack the crux of how the search engine works and get a page, a blog, or a website over the top in the search engine rank. Well, that is the work of an SEO agency mumbai, to bring it all to the 1st page of a search engine. But what if someone tries to confuse the Search Engines by wrong techniques, which is already in trend in the market. It does increase the work of Search Engines a lot and also is ethically not right.

When Alexis Rylko asked John Mueller on Twitter that, in case a web page code consist of two mutually exclusive #noindex directives, in that case Google will take which one into account.

To the question, John Mueller replied that this case has been fairly documented. He would check that and he was sure that the document may cover other relevant questions as well. He also said that in practice, to let something happen, as an SEO, you must not confuse the search engines and be fair about it.

No big surprises, we already know this. A big question is why would someone do that? And the answer is simple, to gain more traffic over their website or webpage easily.

How does SEO do that and how does the Search Engine get confused?

Google’s John Mueller has consistently taught us that important consistency comes for the website with SEO purposes. He said that as an SEO, one’s job is to tell the search engine in a clear and consistent way about the content on the site, the architecture, the URLs, and the SEO signals which are important for the website content. Although John has kept saying this for so long, still the SEOs are bothering the Search Engines with wrong or bad setup of the SEO.

The SEOs try to add the keywords and links which are trending in the market but not relevant to their content. With that, they try to increase their rank over the search engine and come over the 1st page of the search engine. Since the page or website is then not about the keywords and links provided, it creates a lot of confusion for the Search Engines to determine what the content is about and where to put it in the Search Engine ranking.

It happens many times, that due to these wrong keywords and links, the wrong website gets a higher rank over the search engine and gets visible on the 1st page of the search engine. Although the search engines are constantly working on improving the algorithm in such a way that it minimizes such confusion and wrong ranking over the search engine.

John said on a serious note that what determines SEO life span and death is consistency. But who wants to be consistent, people just want to get a higher rank via shortcuts. This leads to a lot of confusion for the Search Engines.

What should be the main aim of SEO?

Consistency! Yes, that’s what John Mueller said and that’s what SEO is all about. But along with consistency, it is also important for the SEOs to lead the search engines to the path where the user can easily understand their site rather than get confused as the search engines.

In a separate tweet, John said that other than SEO there is alot of documentation which has been done in the case of technical SEO as well and he has to pet peeve for the basic technical elements that are used incorrectly such as gears when someone is trying to use it in technically correct format.

So, it is very important for the SEOs to learn and understand the fact of not pouring out the confusion to the search engines and their users as well.

To the previous tweet of John Mueller of not to confuse search engines, Alexis Rylko replied that this is not possible through their side. They have been observing the noindex ajax injection from a different third service, and his main question is that if one adds “index, follow”, then meta would help in ignoring injected noindex. He also said that in the documentation provided by Google it is said that it will use the sum of the negative directives which he understood. To which John has replied that it does sound like a bad setup.


As John Mueller said and we also agree with the same, the SEOs work is not to confuse the Search Engine but to provide correct information to the search engine such that search engines can help in tracking the website or webpage whenever a search relevant to their website or webpage is made, in a much easier way. It is very important to stay truthful and consistent with the search engines with the SEO work, in order to remain in the market for the long run.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful to you, thanks for reading!

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