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Many times the Google ads policy has been violated by the website or web page owners and it is quite difficult to track the reasons behind the same. It could happen knowingly or unknowingly.

Like, if the website or web page owner is performing some malfunctioned task, it could be possible that the owner is doing all these knowingly. Also, it might be possible that any bot is doing spam over the website or a user is performing some invalid clicks. This may result in the Google Ads Policy Violation.

It is very important to create a policy or a rule on the violation against the ads policy. Here, Google has announced its new policy for the ads policy violation. It says, “Three strikes and you’re out.” The three-strike policy could act as a boon or bane depending on the need or greed of the website or web page owner.

Upon completion of the initial pilot program, Google Ads will expand the project to include more policy types. For accounts that repeatedly violate Ad Policy, Google Ads is starting a three-strike pilot program in September 2021. Let us understand the Google ad's new policy in detail.

Google AdSense Program

With the Google AdSense program, Google runs ads on websites or blogs that are included in its Google Network of content sites. Google AdSense serves text, image, video, and interactive media ads that are relevant to the content and audience of the site. Profits can be either derived from clicks or impressions.


A number of factors, including the content of the website, a user's location, and other factors and Google's Technology, influence how ads are served. Google Ads agency in mumbai is a system for advertising with a targeted approach designed by Google. A popular program for creating and placing banner ads on blogs and websites, AdSense has become one of the most popular paid programs.

But many times, this popular paid program has been misused by the advertiser or the user. Thus, the warnings and strikes help to keep the check on such violations and also inform the advertiser or user to not do the same again.

In the new help center news announcement, the company said, If an advertisement contains content violating our Enabling Unapproved Substances, Dishonest Behavior, and Services policies or Dangerous Products, such as creating the hacking services, false documents, spyware, or drugs, tobacco or weapons, they will issue warnings and strikes. There has been a ban on these types of ads for a while, but the method of punishing those who do not comply is new.

What are the Penalties?

For an initial violation, no penalties exist beyond a warning. Until the account is finally suspended, penalties for each violation become increasingly severe. Account admins will be notified if an account violates policy via email if the violation occurs. Administrators may no longer display ads after the initial warning period if they fail to correct the policy violations and acknowledge the changes to Google Ads.

The Striking System

The Striking System consists of 4 levels. These are warnings, First Strike, Second Strike, and Third Strike, all within the time interval of 90 days one after another. Let us understand about all 4 levels one by one.

  1. Warning. It triggers when an advertisement violated the policy of Google on enabling dishonest actors, unapproved substances, and dangerous goods. In this case, the relevant ads will be removed without any penalties.
  2. First Strike. The first Strike occurs when within 90 days of receiving a warning, you violate the same policy. In this case, as a penalty, ads will not run during this time while the account is temporarily on hold.
  3. Second Strike. The second Strike occurs when within 90 days after a first strike, you violate the same policy. In this case, as a penalty, advertisements will not be eligible to run for seven days while the account is on hold. If the advertiser does not respond to this notice, account suspension will follow.
  4. Third Strike. The third Strike occurs when within 90 days after a second strike, you violate the same policy. In this case, as a penalty, repeated violations of Google's policies result in account suspension.

The Strike Timelines

After 90 days, Google's strikes expire. Now you have fallen foul of two policies and have to fix them, acknowledge these fixes, and not violate another policy for 90 days. After the fix, your account is reset, so to speak, and the next incident will be the initial warning. There will always be an appeals process available for search marketers who are cited for violations.

As the announcement says that, aside from immediate account level suspensions, they also apply immediate suspensions when they detect serious policy violations such as circumventing their systems, phishing, or misrepresenting the product or service to intentionally mislead the customer.

What’s next?

Upon completion of the initial pilot program, Google Ads will expand the project to include more policy types.

Advertisers can now take clear actions and face consequences under the new ad policy pilot program. There is still a good chance that this program will eventually expand to other policy areas within the coming year, which includes Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances, and Dangerous Products or Services. You get a benefit of the doubt with the first warning, but penalties get increasingly harsh thereafter. Some advertisers may discover the penalties too punitive for inaccurately being flagged as violations when they really weren't.


Google AdSense provides all the facilities to the advertisers and users with its 4 levels striking system. It is really important for the advertiser and user to respect the Google ads policy and work accordingly. The new policy with the “Three strikes and you’re out” slogan is getting popular and understood among the new website or web page owners who come under the Google AdSense Program.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful to you, thanks for reading!

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