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Do you know What is Technical SEO? Well, this technical part is something you should hand over to the best crew. Brand Story Digital can give you many ultimate benefits regarding your website's server optimizations with many advantages.

Our propaganda is to provide your website with a higher ranking in the search engine results. This organic ranking is the key to giving you some ultimate places in the searched results.

How Technical SEO Is Involved in Our Work?

Brand Story Digital understands the important facts of maintaining a website for long-term purposes. So, we make sure about a lot of things inside the website. We give better support in technical aspects from the scratch.

Following the guidelines set by Google, we complete SEO implementation on your website. This is the best part where we use search engine algorithms, security codes, and the structure of the website. This is the point where all strategies meet at once.

Here are the 8 steps that we prefer in Technical SEO:

  1. Use SSL
  2. SSL signifies about Secure Sockets Layer. If you want to know What is Technical seo companies in mumbai; then this is where you should start. We have given your website a higher security layer for protecting it from all mischievous acts.

    As a result, your website URL will end up with 'HTTPS://' instead of 'HTTP://'. It was an announcement from Google in 2014 that they don't want to see any HTTP-based websites due to security reasons.

    So, we make sure that your site has received the certificate of SSL just to pass the criteria of Google.

  3. Mobile-Friendly Website Check
  4. This is important for the audience. Google's idea on making mobile-based websites plays a vital role in technical terms. Here, we create necessary algorithms just to make sure that everything will do fine when a user accesses your website with his mobile.

    This is the approach that can boost your ranking signal with the help of Google's algorithm. A mobile-friendly website can get higher rankings in search engine results.

  5. Speed-Up Your Site
  6. To fasten your website, we provide the fastest server and DNS provider. They can accelerate the website speed to a great extent.

  7. Fix duplicate content issues
  8. We eliminate some content if we find them repeating in the webpage. It may be the images or web articles. Those things have to be eliminated before they start making an impact on your ranking.

  9. Create an XML sitemap
  10. Creating the XML sitemap acts as an assistant to the search engines. It helps them to understand your website while a user is accessing it.

  11. Consider enabling AMP
  12. When you talk about AMP, it is a project from Google to speed up the delivery of the content on various mobile devices. The use of the AMP HTML code is kind of special for all websites. So, we use them on your website to obtain the best output.

  13. Addition of structured data markup
  14. We add structured data markup to your website for helping the search engines to understand the content inside of your website. Doing so can raise your website's rank much more effectively.

  15. Registration of Your Website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  16. Last but not the list, this is the part where we complete your registration with these tools such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


Doing so, can complete the work of all technical SEO support. So, finding the right method to execute all strategies is the technical part.

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