Why Invest In Email Marketing?

Sending out emails is one of the most prominent and effective ways of digital marketing. Almost everyone has an email account these days, and are likely to use it more consistently than various social media platforms. Most people keep email addresses for decades, and hence through it, you can ensure to never lose contact with your existing or prospective customers.

Choosing the right email marketing agency for your company

Well, now that we have understood the benefits of Email Marketing, the question arises which email marketing agency to choose for your company and how to determine the best fit.

Here are some of the parameters that you should evaluate before choosing your marketing agency:

 Identification of your goals: An organization needs to identify the goals it’s trying to achieve through email marketing and whether or not an agency fits into their vision. The strengths and assets of the agency need to be in sync with your goals.

 Customer-Centric approach: The agency you pick for your marketing needs should be as customer-oriented and mindful of customer needs as your organization is. The kind of service and personal connection your agency establishes will go a long way in increasing your customer base.

 Budget Cost-effectiveness is one of the primary benefits of email marketing. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the cost involved and arrive at an optimum ROI figure and collaborate with an agency to suitably utilize the earmarked budget.

Need for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most vibrant and dynamic ways of reaching out to the target audience and securing customer loyalty. When it comes to customer acquisition, email marketing is in fact considered to be more effective than social media. Through this marketing process, companies can effectively convert contacts on the mailing list to actual customers.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and economic marketing tools. It allows entrepreneurs to reach a wide set of audiences at a minimal rate per message. For small scale businesses on a tight budget, email marketing would especially be a great way to reach out to a large number of people while spending much less money in comparison to the costs involved in television or newspaper advertisements.

Email marketing enables companies to send customized and personalized messages to their target audience. It is a direct form of marketing, with the help of which companies can make sure that their messages reach the customers through their inbox. It cannot be always assured that the prospective customers would watch television advertisements or read social media posts, but the emails send to them would be there on their inbox.

Email marketing is an action-oriented marketing tool. Apart from reaching out to a large group of people, it enables companies to direct traffic to their website and ultimately drive sales. Moreover, there is no guesswork involved in email marketing. We at BrandStory can provide accurate details on how many people actually opened the mails send to them by you as a part of your marketing campaign.

Choosing the right email marketing agency for your company

While email marketing may seem to sound not too complex, it is imperative to remember that it goes way beyond just composing an email and clicking the “send” button. Companies often face problems related to permission boundaries, privacy concerns, and technical glitches while engaging in email marketing. This is where email marketing agencies like BrandStory comes as a huge help. Such agencies strive to carry out a successful email marketing campaign that aids you to build good business-client relationships, expand your market reach, magnetize new customers and ultimately increase sales. A Good email marketing agency would be staffed with dedicated marketing experts who can provide you with competent advice and guidance on how to make your campaign a great success.

Benefits of choosing BrandStory for email marketing for you

1. We maintain an expansive database of email addresses belonging to a diverse demographic. Hence, we have the capacity to provide you with the ideal database of email ids as per your targeted customer category. Our staff members are experts in handling large contact lists, and identify the ideal prospective customers for your business from there.

2. We can provide you with expert subscription supervision for your email marketing campaign. Through us, you can accurate data on how many people subscribe to your email newsletters, promotions, and news. We would also let you know about the number of people unsubscribing from the list.

3. Reaching a wide set of audience is one of the primary aims of an email marketing campaign. We at BrandStory make sure that your email can be sent of lakhs of inboxes within just a span of 24 hours.

4. Emails these days do not comprise of just text. In many cases, they tend to feature comprehensive media packages that include texts, images, and videos. We at BrandStory facilitate the handover of diverse email design formats, such as JPG, HTML and so on.

5. No one wants their emails to be buried in the spam folder. Through us, you can enjoy the services of spam verification before the delivery of emails. We make sure that your messages reach the inbox of the target audience where it could be read, and is not directly send to the spam folder.

6. Customization is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Through us, you can send personalized emails to each and every person on your contact list, which effectively engages them. Customized messages can help in impressing the target audience, and even securing their loyalty.

7. Emails are the most common tools that businesses use to communicate with their diverse stakeholders today. Hence, they tend to have multiple mailing groups as well. We at BrandStory can help you to both segregate and manage your diverse mailing groups, which include leads, clients, and in-house teams and so on.

8. File attachments are commonly sent through emails in order to provide the target audience with some necessary information or insights. Through us, you can avail of the services of checking/ providing for attachment file support.

9. Proper scheduling is extremely important in an email marketing campaign. Efficient scheduling goes a long way in making sure that the target audience ultimately checks their email or not. Through us, you can enjoy high scheduling flexibility, as we strive to make sure that the open and click-through rates are high.

10. The overall success of an email marketing campaign can largely be gauged by their open and click-through rates of emails. We at BrandStory constantly monitor these rates to check their effectiveness, as well as to make any changes in the strategy in case the rates come down.

11. We at BrandStory prioritize checking the authenticity of subscriber email addresses in order to eradicate any risks of domain or sender IP being blacklisted, while also making sure that the email bounce rate is kept as low as possible.

12. Through us, you can avail absolutely accurate data, statistics, and reports on diverse important aspects of an email marketing campaign. These elements include the bounce rate, click-through statistics, open rate statistics, unsubscribe rates and so on.

13. The dedicated and professional in-house marketing team of BrandStory aims at providing you with email campaigns that are majorly focused on the promotion of your brand, as well as the product or service offered by you.

14. We at BrandStory offer specialized services like correcting common mistakes in domain names, as well as filtering computer-generated email addresses from human-generated ones. Your mailing list would firstly go through our intelligent filters, in order to ensure the highest efficiency and ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing has become quite a common component of the contemporary corporate landscape. Simply put, e-mail marketing refers to the use of email to promote any services or products. It also involves using emails to develop relationships with clients or customers. Email marketing is one of the major segments of internet marketing, which comprises of online marketing through blogs, social, media, websites and more. Email is quite a flexible tool that has the capacity to adequately accommodate a wide range of messages. Advertisements send through emails can be either simple or flashy multimedia packages, depending on the product for sale and its branding. While some email advertisements only include texts, a number of them tend to feature videos, images, and various links.

Even in this age of social media, email still has the widest reach among all. The process of email marketing enables people to reach a wider audience, as well as even target diverse social groups and adapt content as per its accordance. We at BrandStory believe that as the domain of business is constantly evolving and changing, it is crucial to respond quickly to any change presented by marketing experts. The low cost involved in email marketing also makes it an attractive marketing avenue. People can incorporate the relevant marketing plan of their business through emails, and reach a large number of people without any high expenses.

There are number of effective techniques that can help people to engage a large number of people through email marketing. Here are some of them:

• Use data and information to personalize emails: Emails personalized as per the distinct requirements and concerns of the target audience usually tend to be quite effective

• Include a smart and crisp subject line in the emails: As per reports, subject lines with less than ten characters have near to 60% open rates, and hence they should be kept as to-the-point possible.

• Watch over send times: It is crucial to identify the perfect time to send emails to increase their open rates. Certain studies say that the best open rate ideally is between 8 pm to midnight.

• Ensure it is optimized for mobile: A great number of people check emails on their phones today. Hence, it is important to make sure that the email content is adequately optimized for mobile.

According to a study, people tend to spend around 6.4 hours each day reading their emails. Hence, email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide set of audience. It is quite a reliable and cost-effective way of reaching prospective customers almost every day through their inbox. The benefits of email marketing include:

• Targeted and personalized content: It enables companies to segment customers into different lists on the basis of their requirements and preferences to send content that is highly personalized.

• Boost sales: Email marketing provides people with a great opportunity for making impulse purchases

• Stronger customer relationships: It helps in maintaining a strong relationship with the target audience

• Increased traffic to the brand website: Email marketing provides people a great way to magnetize their target audience to their website

Email marketing is quite an effective way of reaching the target audience in the modern world. As per certain reports, the number of email users will grow to 3 billion in 2020. Hence, with the help of this method companies can reach a great number of people. Sending newsletters to the target audience through email additionally is one of the best ways to stay in touch with prospective customers and drive traffic to a website. Such newsletters help to create a loyal group of people who are interested in the product of the company and look forward to making regular purchases. Email marketing is especially effective and ideal for small businesses as it enables them to stay closely in touch with their niche demographic, while also expanding their business prospects.

Email marketing is among the most cost-effective methods of reaching out to the target audience in the modern, digitalized world. Hence, it is used by many small scale businesses as well to keep their customer informed of their latest offers, news, and developments, as well as to attract new patrons. While having an extremely wide reach, the costs associated with email marketing are much lesser in comparison to traditional television, newspaper or radio advertisements. Some reports even say that Email marketing out-performs every other marketing channel on ROI, and tends to average an impressive $40 for every dollar spent. We at BrandStory additionally offer you premium email marketing solutions at the best price point possible.

The ideal duration of an email marketing campaign tends to differ for each company, depending on its industry, target market, brand image and so on. The rates of click-through, unsubscribe, complaints, and forwards also influence the duration of an email marketing campaign. It is crucial that people do not send emails to their target audience too frequently, as it can become quite bothersome for them. However, if emails are not sent at adequate times then companies run the risk of their contacts forgetting about them. We at BrandStory can help you to zero down the perfect duration of your email marketing campaign based on your marketing goals, target market, and how long it takes to turn contacts into customers.