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Brandstory, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, can help evaluate website traffic, determine effective investments in relevant online platforms, and maintain balance between marketing activities and their results. Working with digital marketing agencies would mean more lead conversions. The endgame is reaching the target audience to generate profits. Digital marketing helps the brands to connect with their customers and realise the performance of the marketing campaigns in real-time. The tactical and sophisticated targeting abilities of digital marketing are quantifiable. Therefore you can check in real-time and take comfort in knowing whether the marketing efforts/strategies are actually working or not.

Digital marketing helps in promoting your products/services in different efficient and effective ways by making use of all the possible online channels, which include website marketing, content marketing, social media, influencer marketing, email lists, search engine marketing, online banner advertising, mobile applications, online advertising, video marketing, Pay per click advertising, SEO, SMS marketing, and many, many more.

The essential services that a digital marketing agency includes in their repertoire can largely be grouped as follows:

● Search Engine Optimization

● Social Media Marketing.

● Paid Marketing

● Copywriting

● Content Marketing

● Optimization of App Store

● Website Development

● Website Management

● Webhosting

● Server Maintenance

There are nine major types of digital marketing platforms/techniques, which are:

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This refers to how you can growi your online visibility in organic/non-paid results in various search engines.

2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) /Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This covers ground that is leftover by SEO, related to paid traffic generation from search engines. This happens when you purchase advertisement space appearing on users' SERP.

3.Social Media Marketing

This involves using avenues like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or LinkedIn, by posting quality content to gain more reach. Basically any effort put to increase traffic/business via social media channels can be termed as social media marketing.

4.Content Marketing

This uses delivering quality online live content to the users for generating greater sales/leads. Some examples of this kind of marketing would be YouTube videos, Tweets, and blogs linked on your website.

5.Affiliate Marketing

This refers to the process which allows you to pay affiliate services for conversions, just like hiring salespeople to push your products/services.

6.Influencer Marketing

This uses subject matter experts with huge online ing driving sales and traffic and in your target market.

7.Email Marketing

This happens through mailing lists accrued over time which update the email subscribers regularly about your products/services.

8.Viral Post Marketing

This happens via the publication of a funny, trendy or strange post which receives wide online circulation. Viral marketing results in a huge spike in the website traffic over short periods of time.

9.Mobile Advertising

Every kind of digital advertising might happen over a mobile device. Add to these SMS advertising that can be effective for local marketing.

For the digital marketers of today, their toolkits are of utmost importance, since they need to multitask at all times, whether managing data or making the customer's digital presence better. Using the right tools save time and keep things streamlined.

Some of these digital marketing tools are:

● Organic Social Media

● Email Marketing

● Paid Social Media

● Programmatic Advertising

● Display Retargeting

● Video Hosting

● Content Curation

● Website Analytics

● Search Engine Optimization

● Website Testing

● Content Creation

● Customer Service

● Affiliate Marketing

The digital marketing experts of today need to have diverse skill sets, which include clear grasp of available online media channels, recognising relevant opportunities as well as the basic skills of a good marketer. They also need to balance their creative and critical thinking skills for driving success for the company.

The top 10 most important skills for a digital marketing team would be as follows:

● Writing and Editing Skills.

● Data Analysis.

● SEO and SEM Skills.

● Email Marketing Skills.

● Social Media Skills.

● Listening Skills.

● CRM Skills.

● Paid Social Media Advertising Skills.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that you can target the ideal buyers through it, and be sure that the relevant consumers get to view your content. While SEO allows reaching the consumers searching in the web for topics concerned to your business, pay-per-click, social media advertising and banner displays help you to target consumers based upon general characteristics and demographic information, which wirks especially well for local customers. Improved targeting means better conversions out of the marketing resources and budget you have deployed. Digital marketing lets you do away with the worry that you might spending money on the ads which won’t reach the most likely customers who might take interest in your services/products.

With the constantly evolving technology, it is only natural that the global as well as local marketplace is becoming increasingly digital. As statistics would show, the benefits of digital marketing have become quite obvious, as an increasing number of consumers research and buy products online. Forbes has found that around 82% of present-day consumers conduct their product research online. Tech Crunch has reported that around 79% of the consumer base shop online and the number is growing. Digital marketing is the sure shot way of reaching these consumers, as gradually a greater number of small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. Digital marketing tactics have also proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the potential customers, as the investment is generally one-time and yields results across time.

Because of its data-oriented nature, digital marketing proves to be the most measurable marketing form. Digital marketing analytics makes sure whether the strategy is actually working. Digital marketing campaigns can be measured in real-time, therefore making visible the workability of tactics, which may be adjusted for better revenue generation. Also the insights gained from this process can be used to improve upon future campaigns. Analytics in digital marketing lets you use your resources more effectively and properly allocate the marketing budget. Since no more guesswork is involved, unnecessary expenses can be minimised and efforts can be focused on maximizing ROI.

The most important benefit of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness in marketing a business. As for traditional marketing, small businesses with their limited budgets find it hard to compete with the larger businesses for any ad space. This is where affordable and efficient digital marketing tactics get them more out of their marketing expenditure.

Traditional marketing tactics may come with many hidden costs. However time is the only cost involved in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media engagement, content marketing, etc. Yet, some digital marketing tactics like display, social media advertising, and pay-per-click are able to give quicker results.

In the modern digital environment, it has become crucial for all companies to have a website. The website of a company acts as a representative of the firm in the virtual world. Your company website would feature important information about your business, as well as the product or services that you offer. Your website would also act as an important advertising and marketing tool, and help you in boosting your leads. The purpose of web development services involve the creation of a website that aids in maintaining communication between you and potential clients, sell your services or products, generate leads for your business, and increase your overall brand awareness and popularity. Offering the most competent website development services in Mumbai, BrandStory can create a website that beautifully narrates the story of your brand, and both attract and engage your target audience.

Web development refers to the process of building and maintaining a website. It involves all the work that happens behind the scenes to ensure that a website looks great, performs well and works fast. Being a reliable website development company in Mumbai, BrandStory also makes sure that a website is able to provide a seamless user experience. Web development includes many types of web content creation as well, and may involve content management systems (CMS). A website developer typically is involved in designing a website, as well as writing scripts in languages like ASP and PHP. They also aid in maintaining and updating databases used by a website.

There are a plethora of front-end development tools available that are used to accelerate the web development process and augment its efficiency. As a top web development agency in Mumbai, here are some of the tools we use for website development at BrandStory:

• HTML5 Boilerplate: It aids in building adaptable, robust and fast web applications or websites. It includes a set of files that developers can download and use as a foundation for any website.

• Bootstrap: An open source toolkit that is used for developing a website with HTML, CSS, and JS.

• PHP: A general-purpose scripting language that is suited especially for web development.

• WordPress: An open source and free content management system written in PHP.

• React JS: A front-end website development framework that follows a component-based website development model.

A webpage is a document that is accessible through the Internet by using a web browser. This document is usually written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and can be accessed by entering the relevant URL address on a browser. A webpage is stored in an ‘html file’, which can be created in almost any program that is used to edit text files. There also are specialized programs that enable you to create html files. You can easily create such files by using Notepad in Windows, PICO and VI editor. An html file would feature "control codes” or “html tags “that decides how a webpage would look when viewed on a web browser.

To identify the perfect number of pages that should be on a website, first let us go through some statistics:

• On average most new visitors to a website only look at about 2-3 pages while on their laptop or desktop

• On their tablet or Smartphone, most new visitors additionally only look at 1-2 pages on average

Hence, for professional services, the majority of people would only check out your Home Page, About us and Contact pages, as well as your Portfolio. However, while a simple 3-5 page website is enough to engage the visitors on their first visit to your website, it is important to have more pages for the people who come back there for second or third visits. Being one of the most reliable website development consultants in Mumbai, we can help you to figure out the perfect number of pages you would need for your website.

The success of any website majorly depends on its design. In addition to visual design, a well-designed website would also include the aspects of usability and utility. Here are some of the major principles of web design:

• Simple is the best: Simplicity is the key to a user-friendly website

• Consistency: Design elements in each of the pages should be consistent

• Readable typography: Typography used should be visually appealing and easily readable

• Mobile compatibility: The website design should suit all screen sizes

• Carefully chosen color palette and imagery: Good color combination magnetizes and engages visitors, while a poor combination may lead to distraction

There are a plethora of technologies and tools available nowadays that help in developing dynamic and interactive websites. While HTML, CSS, JavaScript are some of the key languages used in web development, React JS, Angular JS, and Node JS are some of the most prominent JavaScript Frameworks involved in this process. As one of the prime web design agencies in Mumbai, we use website development frameworks like React JS and general-purpose scripting language like PHP in our website development process.

Research shows that Implementation of quality SEO on any brand’s website/digital properties proves to be beneficial to the brand as well as the marketing efforts. Considered to be a new-age marketing strategy, SEO is critical to any brand’s web presence in the contemporary era, as the available data and the competition are seeing exponential growth. Proper SEO services by Brandstory, which is an SEO agency in Mumbai, can help you outrank your competition, by creating the opportunity of having the first impression to your customers, in the day and age of digital competition.

Crawling is basically the way in which Googlebot discovers the new/updated pages that need to be added to Google index. Google uses a large number of computers in order to fetch/crawl billions of online webpages on the web. Crawling therefore means following a set path. In the SEO language, crawling is to follow the links on your website to add these other linked pages on the gradually growing list of pages that need to be crawled.

Crawling and indexing are two mutually non-inclusive concepts that are commonly misunderstood in SEO. In crawling, the Googlebot analyzes all of the contents/codes on a page, whereas indexing results in the page's eligibility to show up in Google search results.

The two types of SEO that every business owner with an online should take advantage of are:

1. Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO helps in getting listed on Google Places, which is best for small business owners as it is the easiest to setup and fastest in building results. Recent Google updates have made local business results more prominent through displaying them at the top of the searches, which are sometimes more prominent than regular top 10 results.

2. Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Also known as top 10 SEO, this is the more familiar version of SEO which gets your business listed in regular/non-local top 10 results. While traditional SEO can be more complex than the local SEO, they have the same ingredients, namely demand, relevance, authority, content, keyword research, and links.

An SEO agency helps a website gain higher Google ranking through improvement in content quality, keywords, design, and links. Brandstory, an SEO services company in Mumbai helps to take care of the following concerns which helps in achieving higher page ranking. These are:

▪ Increasing Internet visibility.

▪ Getting indexed in search engines.

▪ Being above competitors in terms of keywords selection.

▪ Achieving expected ROI goals.

The purpose of SEOis to cater to the prospective businesscustomers' questionson the internet, by equipping your digital portfolio to provideanswersand therefore generate leads.

According to research by many SEO firms, it takes around 4 to 6 months for seeing results. However, SEO results tend to gradually accrue over time. For keyword topics that have little competition, improvements in the organic ranking as well as increase in traffic may occur in a few weeks. On the other hand, competitive topics might take a few months, while the more competitive phrases can take a year or more.

In SEO, focusing on the long-tail keywords can be a great tactic. Long-tail keywords are basically keywords that are usually longer, hence more specific than the keywords that are more commonly searched for. Long-tail keywords may get lesser search traffic, yet have a higher value of conversion since they are far more specific. Such keywords allow gradual increase in traffic, and greater visibility to newer and more motivated audiences. The logic behind long-tail keywords is that with the large-scale of the world-wide-web, possible target audiences have also become quite large, although the product may only be wanted by a very small number of people. However the largeness of the scale of operations may make the niche product/keywords profitable. Therefore long tail keywords can become important for page ranking too.

Since organic search is more than often the primary source of website traffic, organic SEO proves to be important. Google is currently the most visited website in the world, as well as the most popular email provider in the world. YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine. A clear majority of world population with access to the internet is visiting Google once a day, to say the least, for information purposes, and human searches use organic keywords. Google's guidelines for organic keywords are therefore important to follow and prove to be important in the formation digital marketing strategies by Brandstory, one of the best SEO services company in Mumbai.


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With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, this medium offers a massive audience and customer base with huge potential. You can successfully connect with your customers through various social platforms Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. You can use their available features to increase awareness about your brand, boost your leads and sales, and establish your brand visibility. Social media marketing also provides an effective way to build relationships with customers and leads. There are several social media marketing agencies in Mumbaibut Brandstory can help you with more engagement with your audience. This will lead to building stronger customer relationships andgreater satisfaction. Over time, it will strengthen your business prospects.

The world of social media provides a wide variety of social media channels.

Image Sharing Sites

: Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest which can be used to create, curate, and share unique images that initiate conversation and encourage user-generated content.

Video-Hosting Sites

: Youtube, Vimeo which can be used to share content on a platform optimized for streaming.

Community Blogs

: Twitter, Medium, Tumblr which can give people a space to express themselves and connect with readers.

Discussion Sites

:Reddit, Quora

Networking Sites

: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Brandstory is among the best SMM consultants in Mumbai and we will help you reach out on these interactive platforms in innovative ways.

Facebook can be efficiently used as the best social media platform. This channel has an extensive audience and ensures that your business along with your ad content gets placed in front of the right users at the right time. It also has e-commerce integrations that make it easy for users to purchase online from your company. Twitter can be beneficial for companies who can publish original content regularly as many users seek news and information on it.

LinkedIn can be used for professionals and B2C companies for marketing and as a useful tool for reaching B2B prospects. Our social media marketing company in Mumbai can help you transform any social media into the best platform for marketing.

A social media marketer manages the different aspects of a company's social media presence.

They manage all of the different company accounts on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. A Social media Marketer reaches out to the public on these social networking platforms to keep them informed on what products and services the business offers. He also effectively uses these channels to create your company's brand awareness, product portfolio, and customer base by explaining how the public can benefit from your products and services. Brandstory’s trained and qualified professionals at our SMM services company in Mumbaican help you with all these tasks.

Brandstory’s SMM consultants in Mumbai can help you in incorporating the best social marketing strategies to make your business flourish online.

Some of these social marketing strategies that we use are as follows:

• Creating a personalized experience for your customers based on your needs.

• Developing a community for your audience.

• Use a diverse content strategy to build up your profiles on relevant channels.

• Implementing an efficient content marketing strategy.

• Establish a social media budget in accordance with your company’s guidelines and working within it

• Delivering established targets regularly within the stipulated time.

Social media marketing is heavily dependent on a variety of tools. It requires skill and foresight to judge the best tool or a combination of tools to embark on your social media marketing strategy. We at Brandstory are the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai. Various tools can be used in social media marketing and we know how to efficiently use them.

Biteable- Can help you to easily create short informative videos to share on social media that are engaging and entertaining.

Buffer- For scheduling posts,track content performance and manage all your various social media accounts in one place.It also helps to add new team members and reply to posts from within Buffer.

Buzzsumo-This is a robust research tool that can help you find and track the most shared content on social media and also find influencers.

Hootsuite- This will help you handle multiple social media accounts,and manages them on a single dashboard. It has inbuilt features that integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, giving you a breakdown of your analytics as well.

Social media is required as part of social marketing strategies for small businesses as well. Interacting with consumers on social media is crucial for small businesses. Brandstory helps you to keep up with the latest social media trends and apply them to your small business. This can help you build distinct brand awareness. It can alsoincrease your customer base as you connect with increasing customers. This also provides cost-effective advertising among your local customer base. Small businesses can also join with neighboring businesses on social media to build brand awareness or for promotions.

Email marketing has become quite a common component of the contemporary corporate landscape. Simply put, e-mail marketing refers to the use of email to promote any services or products. It also involves using emails to develop relationships with clients or customers. Email marketing is one of the major segments of internet marketing, which comprises of online marketing through blogs, social, media, websites and more. Email is quite a flexible tool that has the capacity to adequately accommodate a wide range of messages. Advertisements send through emails can be either simple or flashy multimedia packages, depending on the product for sale and its branding. While some email advertisements only include texts, a number of them tend to feature videos, images, and various links.

Even in this age of social media, email still has the widest reach among all. The process of email marketing enables people to reach a wider audience, as well as even target diverse social groups and adapt content as per its accordance. We at BrandStory believe that as the domain of business is constantly evolving and changing, it is crucial to respond quickly to any change presented by marketing experts. The low cost involved in email marketing also makes it an attractive marketing avenue. People can incorporate the relevant marketing plan of their business through emails, and reach a large number of people without any high expenses.

There are number of effective techniques that can help people to engage a large number of people through email marketing. Here are some of them:

• Use data and information to personalize emails: Emails personalized as per the distinct requirements and concerns of the target audience usually tend to be quite effective

• Include a smart and crisp subject line in the emails: As per reports, subject lines with less than ten characters have near to 60% open rates, and hence they should be kept as to-the-point possible.

• Watch over send times: It is crucial to identify the perfect time to send emails to increase their open rates. Certain studies say that the best open rate ideally is between 8 pm to midnight.

• Ensure it is optimized for mobile: A great number of people check emails on their phones today. Hence, it is important to make sure that the email content is adequately optimized for mobile.

According to a study, people tend to spend around 6.4 hours each day reading their emails. Hence, email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide set of audience. It is quite a reliable and cost-effective way of reaching prospective customers almost every day through their inbox. The benefits of email marketing include:

• Targeted and personalized content: It enables companies to segment customers into different lists on the basis of their requirements and preferences to send content that is highly personalized.

• Boost sales: Email marketing provides people with a great opportunity for making impulse purchases

• Stronger customer relationships: It helps in maintaining a strong relationship with the target audience

• Increased traffic to the brand website: Email marketing provides people a great way to magnetize their target audience to their website

Email marketing is quite an effective way of reaching the target audience in the modern world. As per certain reports, the number of email users will grow to 3 billion in 2020. Hence, with the help of this method companies can reach a great number of people. Sending newsletters to the target audience through email additionally is one of the best ways to stay in touch with prospective customers and drive traffic to a website. Such newsletters help to create a loyal group of people who are interested in the product of the company and look forward to making regular purchases. Email marketing is especially effective and ideal for small businesses as it enables them to stay closely in touch with their niche demographic, while also expanding their business prospects.

Email marketing is among the most cost-effective methods of reaching out to the target audience in the modern, digitalized world. Hence, it is used by many small scale businesses as well to keep their customer informed of their latest offers, news, and developments, as well as to attract new patrons. While having an extremely wide reach, the costs associated with email marketing are much lesser in comparison to traditional television, newspaper or radio advertisements. Some reports even say that Email marketing out-performs every other marketing channel on ROI, and tends to average an impressive $40 for every dollar spent. We at BrandStory additionally offer you premium email marketing solutions at the best price point possible.

The ideal duration of an email marketing campaign tends to differ for each company, depending on its industry, target market, brand image and so on. The rates of click-through, unsubscribe, complaints, and forwards also influence the duration of an email marketing campaign. It is crucial that people do not send emails to their target audience too frequently, as it can become quite bothersome for them. However, if emails are not sent at adequate times then companies run the risk of their contacts forgetting about them. We at BrandStory can help you to zero down the perfect duration of your email marketing campaign based on your marketing goals, target market, and how long it takes to turn contacts into customers.

Pay-per-click, commonly referred to as PPC, is an internet advertising model that is used to drive traffic to websites. In this method, the advertiser basically pays the relevant publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is associated commonly with the diverse first-tier search engines. Through search engines, advertisers ideally bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market. PPC is one of the most common and effective ways of attracting visitors to a website. There are a lot of elements involved in building a winning PPC campaign, and you can ensure to make your campaign a success through a good PPC services agency in Mumbai like BrandStory.

The instance when a visitor clicks on your PPC ad and goes to your website is referred to as the click through rate. The typical click through rate for PPC advertising is around 2%. The return on investment (ROI) of such campaigns, however, differs for each business. The overall effectiveness of the PPC advertising method depends on the level of effectiveness of the ad copy, keywords, landing page, and PPC manager. These are the four key components of a pay-per-click campaign that work together to help a company to get the best possible results. Being among the most competent PPC companies in Mumbai, we at Brand Story strive to ensure that the pay-per-click campaigns of our clients are highly effective.

There are a number of benefits that your company can enjoy after carrying out a pay-per-click campaign. Here are a few of them:

• Boosts Traffic to your Website: Having the PPC advertisement appear on the first page of search engine results augments your chances of attracting people to your website.

• Increases Sales: Today people research online before buying anything. PPC ad is it increases their chances of purchasing your product after coming across it on the web when doing research.

• You Control Advertising Costs: PPC advertising follows a pay-as-you-go model. Hence, you can stop or tweak ads that are not performing up to the mark.

While Pay-per-click includes a number of platforms and mediums, the majority of its types belong to two categories: Social Media Advertising and Google Ads. In the second type, basically people have to pay Google for the ad they desire to be listed at the top and right side of the organic search listings. When someone would click on this advertisement, you would have to pay the needed current Cost Per Click (CPC) from your budget. Google Search Ads are the most common forms of PPC, and can be found above or beside Google search results.

While Google ads surely have a wider reach, social media ads do offer unmatched audience refinement and through it, people can engage a more niche audience. The workings of PPC, in this case, differ from one social media platform to the other.

In the contemporary domain of digital marketing, PPC is considered to be one of the best platforms for online advertising and is ideal for businesses for all scales and sizes.

It has especially become essential to incorporate PPC in the digital marketing strategies of a company today as the usage of digital devices in the society keeps increasing consistently and people have become quite tech savvy across the planet at the grass-root level. The target audience of almost any business would spend time on the internet, and hence PPC campaigns carried out with the assistance of the best PPC consultants in Mumbai becomes the ideal way to reach them.

The prime difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is that the traffic that comes from SEO is free or organic, while the traffic generated with the help of PCC is not free. As its name implies, one has to pay a certain cost per click in this scenario. Both SEO and PPC, however, come under the domain of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and are two of the key tools people can use in their Internet Marketing campaign. In the case of SEO, people can get their website on the first page of the browser if it is efficiently optimized for search engines. When it comes to PPC, people can get their ads on the first page by paying a superior cost per click (CPC).