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In the epically competitive world of business today, it is more important than ever to choose the right company. ppc company in Sholapur understands this and offers an incredible range of services. From business consulting to marketing, we have everything you need to get your business off the ground.

Our team will plan out a marketing strategy after understanding your requirements and roll out the PPC campaign to increase your digital footprint. In this campaign, specific keywords and exclusive landing pages to which your PPC ads will direct the traffic will be incorporated. In brief, for rapid growth in traffic and to improve the conversion rate, there is no better way than running a PPC campaign.

Considering PPC in your digital marketing mix is a must if you wish to edge over your competitors. As Best PPC Agencies in Solapur, you can avail to exercise maximum control over your marketing campaign where you have to pay only for the ads clicked and hence can decide on your budget. Also, PPC is immune from the regular updating of algorithms from major search engines.

Unique PPC companies in Solapur

Unique & Rewarding strategies in the world of digital marketing, the rules and standard practices change with a drop of a hat. What used to work a few years backs will not necessarily work today? This is where we, as a PPC Agency in Solapur, have invested continuously in our team, training them and keeping them abreast with the market's latest trends. This has allowed us to employ the most unique and rewarding strategies the benefits of our clients have reaped.

  • Dedicated Manager
  • Equality is our motto; we don't bifurcate our client list based on the volume of work they offer us. Each client is important for us, and hence we engage a dedicated manager for each project. The manager will always keep you updated with your project's progress and communicate your feedback to the team; he will be the single point contact between you and the team to maintain a steady stream of information between the team and you.

  • Concentrate on Larger Picture

The PPC agency's sole aim in Solapur should not be on increasing the conversion and sales of the business; it should also be a part of brand building and reputation management. During our campaign, we also focus on these aspects of the business; we go through all the initiatives taken by you for digital marketing and align them in a campaign to improve brand recognition.

Let the traffic searching for your services and products find you.

There are various aspects of the PPC campaign available. For being the best PPC Company in Solapur, it is a great responsibility to select the most relevant and rewarding strategy to deal with the situation. Our strategy helps you take your product and services to the audience who is actively searching for it.

At Brand Story, we have a team of professionals knowing the know-how of the PPC strategies. Our team constantly works on your PPC account and comes up with better strategies to enhance your campaign's capabilities. We provide a dedicated manager who will keep you updated about your campaign's progress and will relay your response to the team.

We believe in delivering spontaneous results without hindering your budget. We try to understand your targeted potential customers so that you can get a higher conversion rate. Also, by providing exposure to the newer market, we ensure that the campaign can earn you a notable profit.

Here are some of the strategies that will help you decide to join us without even having a second thought.

  • Display Advertising
  • To watch sales prospective increase and improve ROI, the steps can be taken, including boosting exposure, creating brand awareness, and reaching the targeted audience with creative, intelligent, and cost-effective display campaigns.
  • Paid Search
  • Our PPC Company in Solapur team will enhance the potential of your paid search marketing with amazing campaigns. They will ensure high visibility and higher conversion rates. The campaign will also focus on getting you instant traffic.
  • Shopping Advertising
  • To simplest method to manage this campaign is by having a focus on a retail-centric approach. It gives higher exposure to your products and services and provides you the experience of several times higher click-through rate, which is CTR, to generate more sales effectively.
  • Remarketing
  • For any PPC campaign, the adopted remarketing technique must be progressive to aid you in beneficially spending your ad budget.
  • Media Buy
  • It is our responsibility to find the most beneficial media channels for you. An increase in viewability will help you draw more targeted traffic and improve ROI on investment. This is ensured by our team negotiating the contracts.
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social media platforms have become one of the most convenient and cost-effective marketing methods for a product or business. With proper development and implementation of innovative social media marketing campaigns, one can multiply the business reach and revenue through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    The significant advantage of working with the Best PPC Companies in Solapur is the cost-effective campaigns that we provide. We don't see ourselves as the flag bearer of cheap digital marketing services but an agency that offers the best paid search marketing services with value for money. We have been running PPC campaigns successfully across all networks, from brick and mortar stores to technology-driven startups and large organizations.

    • Facebook Advertising
    • With the help of Facebook advertising, you can target potential customers based on their demographic, location, and profile information. Many of these aspects are available on Facebook. After creating your facebook ad, you can set a budget and bid for each click that your ad will receive.

    • Twitter advertising
    • Through Twitter advertising, businesses can promote their brands and products and reach potential new customers interested in purchasing the product and services they provide.

    • Instagram advertising
    • With the help of Instagram Advertising, you can pay to post sponsored content to reach a more extensive and targeted audience. In Instagram ads, you need an image or a set of images with cool captions to attract them to your products.

    • Quora Advertising
    • Quora is a self-service platform that allows the user to create an account and begin running ads on the platform. It will enable the advertiser to target specific topics and questions on their platform and create a community of targeted audience based on the behavioral data.

Google Adwords Campaign Management Company in Solapur

Google AdWords campaign management is incredibly time-consuming, and when you are engaged in so many other activities, you might not give due importance to it. PPC is an iterative and continuous process.

It takes efforts to structure the AdWords campaign, manage and expand the keyword list, and create customized and optimized AdWords ads and improve your site quality scores, builds conversion-friendly language, etc. But the good news is AdWords management doesn't have to be a full-time job; with the right kind of process and smart engine searching tools, it can be much easier.

Our Google Ads Campaign management process

First, we will be laying a strong foundation for the rest of your account by choosing the type of AdWords campaign and what are your advertising goal. Most of the business will start with a search campaign, but if you are looking to generate calls, then a call-in campaign is the choice. If you want to create awareness for your brand, then a display campaign must be your choice. You can select multiple campaign types for your account. It would help if you established how Google would spend your money.

Do you wish to structure your AdWords campaigns? Our ppc experts can manage and expand that keyword list with proper AdWords optimization. Brandstorydigital can improve your quality scores and set negative keywords. Brandstorydigital has the best team in business. They can manage different AdWords Campaign Management Processes. goes one when you. When you have the right official team to handle the AdWords Campaign, your tension is almost over. The company and its team make the campaigns efficient and effective for your business.

Do you have any idea on how Brandstorydigital Manages your Google AdWords campaign? Here are the steps we repeat to conduct:

  1. Campaign Setup and Strategy
  2. A/B Testing on Landing Pages
  3. AdWords credit on new account
  4. Retargeting Ads
  5. Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
  6. Observing clicks, conversions and click fraud
  7. Ad campaign copywriting
  8. International PPC campaign management
  9. Ad copy performance testing
  10. Arrangement and management of rule-based bidding
  11. Advanced Keyword research
  12. Google Analytics integration and goal tracking
  13. Website conversion analysis implementation
  14. Advertising for Remarketing
  15. Results Analysis and reporting
  16. PPC account settings monitoring
  17. Landing page design and implementation
  18. Monthly performance analysis and reporting
  19. Competitor analysis
  20. YouTube Advertising
  21. Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  22. Strategic bid management
  23. Account optimization tips

For Google AdWords Display Campaign, the processes are different. Several steps are there we provide to our clients. The following points will show how we do that:

  1. Analysis of your Google Ads objective
  2. Set up of tools and techniques
  3. Understanding different objectives such as location, offers, budgets, and campaign types.
  4. Set up of Google Ads Accounts as per the above analysis and ad campaigns
  5. Testing of ads after client's approval
  6. Ad campaigns at every alternate day
  7. Study the metrics, results, and analyse them.
  8. Run the ad campaigns for 3 months at least.
  9. Adapt performance-oriented marketing strategies
  10. Satisfying customers with ad campaigns

Brandstorydigital covers all types of Ad campaigns approved by Google. With the right plan, our team creates digital campaigns to analyze optimization and results.

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Whether it is social, search, or mobile, we have got it all covered for our clients. Our PPC Services in Solapur team comprises pioneers and upcoming talents, making them a formidable team to have on your side. They don't shy from accepting challenges and have delivered in the most challenging situations ensuring our client achieves the maximum conversion irrespective of the budget.

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How to choose the Right PPC services in Solapur?

  1. Rates- The first and most important thing when choosing Pay per click services is the reasonability in their price. When a company has suitable offers to provide to the customers, it becomes easier to choose services like that.
  2. Reputation - Having a good reputation among customers and in the market is a positive sign for you to select the right PPC services. This tells you how they have dealt with their previous clients and customers.
  3. Flexibility - The Company that you choose must be able to provide you services even on odd or rainy days and must be ready to negotiate according to your convenience.
  4. Research - Before anything else and analysing based on the above points, you need to research well before selecting the right company in Solapur for yourself.
  5. Online and offline - Both online and offline services are necessary and that is why we need to rely in a company with both online and offline services.

Difference between Pay per Click Ads & Search Engine Optimization

Both PPC and Search engine optimization are important aspects of digital marketing and the main difference between the both is that PPC does not contribute to your company's ranking. SEO is simply the foundation of your online business and PPC helps you advertise the content on your website. With SEO one can work on their keyword research, Link building, article ideation, whereas PPC converts the potential customers/visitors into leads.

What are the benefits of ppc marketing?

Here are a few benefits of PPC marketing

  1. Ads reach the target audiences cost-effectively
  2. Instant traffic
  3. Leads are driven
  4. Ads lead to positive ROI
  5. These ads do not depend on the change of algorithm

What are the latest trends in PPC marketing?

The latest trends of PPC marketing in Solapur are

  1. Google Ads- Automation and smart bidding
  2. Video Ads are always the best approach
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. AR and AI on the rise
  5. LinkedIn Ads for B2B advertising

What is PPC advertising?

The pay-per click advertising is a way to place ads across the web. One can promote their company through PPC advertising and on social media platforms. One can promote their company through video ads as well.

Can you do video advertising?

Yes, video advertising is a kind of support to promote your content over the internet. Brandstorydigital provides awesome support in different aspects including video advertising.

Can you do mobile app advertising?

Yes, this is the best way to reach your customers. The increase in the number of mobile users can improve your business in many aspects. We will do in-app ads, interstitial mobile ads, mobile rich media, mobile video ads, mobile native ads, mobile banner ads, playable ads, mobile game ads.

When will I expect paid results?

You will receive the paid results during the Ad pop-up in front of the link to the website. Are you looking for instant results? Well, you can start generating leads on a daily basis. The process will go on until the campaign pause.

Can I get a paid advertising report?

Yes, you can get paid advertising reports. You can check the status using Google Ads Reporting tools. Brandstorydigital creates the perfect setup by making your products or services promotions useful. We provide weekly reports, 15 days reports, monthly reports and custom reports which has Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Conversion Data and more metrics

What is a PPC ad network?

An ad network basically is a platform which can deliver ads to the users. Google AdWords is a great example of an Ad network. One can use this network to channelize their advertising and it can help you connect to your potential audience.

Where can I advertise with PPC?

You can advertise across the internet with PPC ads.

Do the users click on the PPC ads?

The ads that basically appear on search results earn more than 45% of PPC. When you are planning to buy a product or randomly window shopping online, you tend to click more number of times on these ads compared to an organic visitor.

What are the factors to determine PPC?

  • Target using keywords and Bidding on accurate keyword
  • Quality of an Advertisement
  • Bidding on PPC ads