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Kolhapur is a beautiful city in Maharashtra, India. It is well known for its temples and for its textile industry. Kolhapur also has a large number of email marketing companies. Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers. You can use it to promote your products and services, to keep your customers up-to-date with the latest news, or to ask them for feedback. There are many email marketing companies in Kolhapur. You can choose whichever one fits your needs best. Some companies offer free trials, so you can try out their services before you decide to buy them.

Different Types of Email Marketing Services in Kolhapur That We Offer

Four methods are there that make email marketing successful. Email marketing has powerful tactics to empower small businesses. Yes, it can be used to engage, acquire, and retain customers. e-mail marketing provides some unique roles to popular email campaigns. Brandstorydigital can help you out to improve your business campaigns. Methods are there to improve your business activities for small, large and micro-businesses.

Here are the four varieties of email marketing:

email marketing agency in Kolhapur
  1. Email newsletters
  2. Brandstorydigital shares the goals of your organizations to targeted audiences through the email newsletter. It is useful for many, especially for your newest viewers. Also, helpful knowledge and newsletters can be part of this email.

  3. Acquisition emails
  4. These emails are suitable for those who have opted to receive the mail from your side but have not yet appeared as your full-fledged customers. So, Brandstorydigital can provide attractive offers and informative content through these emails. These methods can manipulate the audience.

  5. Retention emails
  6. The best email marketing method for small businesses is this one. Through this, we send feedback or an offer to subscribers. The target is to make them interact with your services by opening the communication.

  7. Promotional emails
  8. We send these emails to provide great support for signups, sales, and launching of new products, offers for your small business. These emails can drive the right info to subscribers.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

Every work you do, a strategy is important from all aspects. The number of users is gradually growing. The astonishing growth of email subscribers by the end of 2020 will be 4.2 billion. So, targeting your customer is the priority of this marketing. Brandstorydigital has the strategy to prefer your potential customers. Your business is going to improve with specific guidance. A few strategies are there for you such as:

  1. Know your boundaries to reach customers
  2. Fix your subject lines
  3. Pick the right time for sending the email
  4. Send mobile-friendly emails
  5. Give away freebies
  6. Re-engage with inactive customers
  7. Segment your subscribers

Our Process By Brandstory Email Marketing Agency in Kolhapur

Our expert services from email marketing company in Kolhapur are providers of excellent email marketing services and this is how we do it for you -


Personalized and segmented emails, Drip campaigns, interactive and Tigger campaigns. Fixing approaches that include- Both Multiple or selective i.e. Engagement, Awareness, Promotion with testimonials, Retention and growth and Purchase

Database Audit

Formatting the mailing lists each time and loading it up, cleansing up of pertinent account and auditing. All this is done by collating the mail list.

Designs Emails

Designing and planning Omni platform emails that are responsive and supports mobile and desktop. Relevant and attractive content should be built which must label the brand. Necessary media file must be integrated including -images, GIFs and Clips and the required attachments wherever those are required.

Setup Email campaigns

Improve every scope of personalization, list segmentation. With drafting and finalizing the email campaign calendar that are usually quarterly or monthly exercises.


The click through rate (CTR) is monitored, along with, Subscribed/unsubscribed, bounced, conversion rates, forwards, email growth list, customer conversions, Geo Statistics, the traffic inflow for web pages that are after each campaign.

email marketing services in Kolhapur


The statistics from the email campaigns along with the parameters is measured. There is also custom reports which help you align the marketing and sales team ROI and efforts. Our reporting steps involve weekly reporting, 15 days reporting and monthly reporting.


Connecting with the customer and discussing past and current results and the road map.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Services in Kolhapur

All of us want the best when it comes to ultimately driving the niche audiences and make expand their business. The most important part of email marketing is to organize and gather your client's attention towards your services. Therefore, we take you through every step of the process to achieve your targets. We have a multifaceted approach that caters to all trends and follows relevant research to involve our clients/ customers with your brand. We are among the best companies to provide you with class one services with hundred percent assistance and communication to connect with your clients.

How We are Different from Other Email Marketing Agencies in Kolhapur Maharashtra

We are easy to find and we have a great history with our past clients and customers. We are different from the others because we focus mainly on the quality of services we provide, having important customers is the real motive instead of having too many customers. We connect with you through mails or simple calls and our assistance team are expert communicators who will reach out to you when you require them too. As we believe that email marketing is not an easy job, we seek for your opinions throughout and work simultaneously to cater to your specific needs to mange your clients.

Our email marketing services in Kolhapur are extremely professional and focus on research to implement in your communication with your clients to retrieve positive feedbacks and getting your work done in lesser time. Relevant campaigns conducted by our team will certainly promote your services and products and most importantly, you get what you want.

Benefits of Hiring Our Email Marketing Services in Kolhapur India

A few benefits are associated with email marketing. Once you are online, you can get the right support for your business in different circumstances. Here are the benefits of choosing our email marketing companies in Kolhapur.

  1. Selection of email marketing tools
  2. Email is quickly deliverable
  3. Simple to implement
  4. Easily accessible
  5. Paperless promotion
  6. Mass sending of messages
  7. Instant access of information
  8. Sales upscore
  9. Lead Generation
  10. Business growth

Industry Verticals

We cater and extend our support to all industries from

  1. Banking, securities, Insurance and finances
  2. Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and life sciences
  3. Retail and CPG
  4. HI tech
  5. Telecommunication
  6. Hospitality and Travel
  7. Entertainment and Media
  8. Software product Companies, MNC's and SMB's
  9. BPM services and IT
  10. Start-ups

Email Marketing Packages

Contact us for email marketing packages. We conduct reporting and generate statistics on some specific parameters

  • Open rate statistics
  • Click through statistics
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Bounce rate, etc.

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How can I make my emails more impactful?

The most essential way to cater to your audiences is by making your email stand out. From informational newsletters, brand emails with re-engagement campaigns are best ways to mark your identity. Also with abandoned cart notifications and promotions, one can improve their quality of drafting.

How to create email campaign?

We help you understand how e tests each and every template before suggesting you with the originality. Using CTAs and making them more accessible is a good way to make a difference compared to the others. Maybe, instead of the contact us one can use more descriptive ideas.

What is the difference between email marketing and PPC?

PPC marketing depends on the display of your ads and users who are continuously looking for your products and services. However, email marketing is slightly different. In this case, the company tries to reach the maximum number of customers and make them aware of your services through emails campaigns

What is the difference between email marketing and SEO?

Some best ways to differentiate email marketing and SEO are as follows:

Email Marketing SEO
Delivers targeting, personalized messages Drives traffic to your website
Converting subscribers into customers Building brand recognition
Retaining clients and customers Building brand loyalty
Building relationship with customers Building community

How to choose email marketing companies in Kolhapur?

There are many reasons to opt for email marketing companies in Kolhapur, these are:

  1. Checking the portfolio so as to decide whether they are fit for the business
  2. Looking out for a pricing page to know whether the services needed for a price is right
  3. Having best email tools to garner the extent to do with campaign
  4. Asking crucial queries to know how the business operate

What is the process once I sign up with brandstory?

Here are the best process that our dedicated team comply with:

  1. Requirement
  2. Quality checks
  3. Execution
  4. Delivery

Can I get a good ROI from email marketing?

Yes, Email marketing is a very effective option as it renders highest ROI across channels. Being the top tools among marketing strategies, one can know how to have higher returns on than any other digital form of marketing. It aims to segment the list, personalize emails, focus on deliverability, include call-to-action, create engaging subject lines, and so on.

Can you optimize my email marketing campaigns for conversion?

Yes, Brandstorydigital can optimize your email marketing campaigns for conversion. We take three major steps to conduct the entire conversion such as subject matter, technical matter, and time management. Under these methods, a lot of background work will be done in your favor.

What are all email marketing tools available?

Top email marketing tools of 2021 are given below:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Active Campaign
  3. MailerLite
  4. Hubspot
  5. Moosend
  6. Drip

What are email metrics?

The email metrics are necessary measures for your email marketing campaign. The Kolhapur email marketing company focuses on a few of these metrics to get drive your business better.

  • Deliverability - It is important that your emails are delivered to your clients inboxes in time without actually bouncing.
  • Open rate - When emails are delivered, the next criteria is how many are actually opened?
  • CTR - The click through rate is defined by the number of users clicking on the link of your email.
  • Bounce rate - The number of email addresses in your list that did not receive the message as it was returned. There are two types of Bounce rates- Hard and soft bounce.

What do you mean by ESP?

The service provider or Email Service provider is known as ESP. They help you maintain your list, view reporting , build templates and Create perfect workflow automation.

How to improve strategy?

The Kolhapur email marketing agency is distinguished from the others in the market because of its strategic approaches, responsive templates, CRM integration, Lists and CTA styles, testing and reporting, content, and list segmentation.

There you have it! We know about your expectations and our teams work efficiently to provide you with nothing but the best because we care.