Why Brandstory for your SEO

Here at Brandstory, we realise that the presence of your website on the second page of a Google search will not create any substantial business result. Brandstory, an SEO company in Mumbai, does not only depend upon the keyword generating tools, which are relied upon by most digital agencies, rather we do actual keyword research through Google search results. We study the relevant keywords to gain an understanding of the market as well getting real results. We curate the search relevance of web pages and provide content that is realtime refreshed and updated.

SEO Services

Brandstory's name pops up in the list of SEO companies in Mumbai, as one of the top 10 SEO company in Mumbai, that too not for no reason. Below are the comprehensive lists of the technical tools at our arsenal and the services that we offer. We mix the following toolkits that are the best available along with some exclusive technologies to garner optimal results.

✔ Google Adwords Keywords Planner

✔ The Google Search Console

✔ Google Analytics

✔ BuzzStream

✔ SEMrush

✔ Linkody

✔ Moz Pro

✔ WooRank

✔ Ontolo

✔ Bing Webmaster

✔ Lighthouse Audit

✔ HubSpot’s Website Grader

✔ PageSpeed Insights

Our SEO services as SEO consultants in Mumbai are as follows:

● Enterprise SEO Consulting

● SEO Audit & Diagnosis

● SEO Master Plan (End-to-End SEO exercise)

● Vertical/Industry SEO

Content Optimization

● Legacy SEO Migration / SEO Revamp

● On-Page Optimization

● Search engine penalty recovery

● Local SEO/ Geo base SEO

● Off-Page Optimization

● Website Optimization

● B2B SEO Competitive Analysis

● Online Reputation Management

● SEO Copy/Content Writing Services

Choosing the right Agency

The SEO market is fraught with competition, but you want your money to buy you the best that you can get. And this is where Brandstory comes to your rescue. The following checklist tells you what to look for when you are choosing the right agency for you.

✔ An experienced team of SEO specialists

✔ Specialised experience for dealing with B2Bs/Enterprises

✔ Google Certified Partner Services firm

✔ Strong understanding regarding dynamic search algorithms

✔ Targeting customer empathy approach such as the bottom-up model)

✔ Usage of a common dashboard which helps for the progress to be shared in real time.

✔ Agile approach for the SEO Processing.

✔ Ability to fulfill milestones across the entire project's timeline.

✔ Transparent work model

✔ Team access that is round the clock

Brandstory, one of the best SEO companies in Mumbai has this checklist ticked in all the right boxes. Choosing Brandstory will result in better traffic, visibility, and ranking for your website.

Need for SEO for your Business

SEO: Need of The Age:

In the day of the globalized market and digital dissemination of information, SEO has become a priority for effective and efficient Digital marketing. Any digital website owner realises the value of and the returns behind the landing up of their web page in any first page internet search result performed with relevant search keywords.

SEO Helps in Effective Branding:

Branding your content effectively and efficiently means securing a higher rank in the search results, which helps generate greater visibility and subsequent revenue for your business. Brandstory's SEO services in Mumbai can help you reach that coveted first page of internet search results, which increases the number of inbound enquiries, with our exclusive SEO strategies outlined especially for B2Bs.

Greater Number of Incoming Leads:

Spending on the marketing strategies involving outbound sales initiatives can become quite huge, whereas the results are not guaranteed. SEO,on the other hand, offers an optimal cost strategy which enables the available digital resources to generate better inbound lead flow. Moreover, SEO has a highly measurable model which is completely data driven, and it can help to effectively meet the your sales demands.

Benefits of Using SEO:

SEO can provide the following benefits to your digital marketing strategy:

1. Good SEO helps to build trust and credibility:

When it comes to search engines like Google, credibility is accrued over time, through digital optimizations, in which SEO plays an important part. Good SEO helps showcase the brand's effort,bpatience, and commitment, as well as the provision of valuable and quality product/service.

2. Better Visibility and Digital Presence of Websites:

The endgame of an experienced SEO would be to establish a proper groundwork for a visually appealing website with relevant data, clean and useful user experience which is easy discover in course of an internet search. This happens with assistance from the credibility and the trust of the brand's digital properties.

3. Good SEO Results in Good User Experience:

Customers are aware of their requirements, and SEO needs to address the same. If not, performance will bear the brunt.Onegood example of creating a strong user experience would be to see the way Google has gradually become moreof an answer engine that offers the data asked fordirectlyupon the SERPsor the search engine results pages of the users.

4. Good SEO creates organic rankings and maximum visibility:

Google's research on keyword optimization has helped it learn how to interpret favorable/unfavorable user experiences. It is seen that positive user experience is greatly important for any website’s success. Therefore using Google certified modes of creating organic keywords can boost your organisation's success, through organic rankings and maximum visibility, as most users deoend more on organic search results than paid results.

5. Importance of Incorporating Organic Search Keywords Through SEO

Organic search is a huge factor in most business’s website performance. It is critical in creating buyer funnel and ultimately results in the users completing a conversion/engagement. Being highly visible in Google search results makes your website a trusted resource and it also works in your brand’s favor.

6. Using Google's Guidelines to Cut Through The Competition:

Marketers already know that Google owns almost 75% of the internet search engine market with respect to its competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex etc. This is where Brandstory's SEO consultants in Mumbai can help you with their quality SEO services, that are in tune with the Google guidelines for effective keyword optimization.

7. Local SEOs can create increased traffic, engagement, and conversions:

With growing mobile traffic, business search that is localized has become important to a lot of SMEs successes. Local SEO optimizes the digital properties with respect to the specific vicinity, so locals maylocate your business quickly, therefore successfully closing a transaction. This is done by including the localcitations, backlinks, and local listings relevant to the location as well as the concerned business sector.

8. SEO Can Help You Effectively Audit Your Business:

Because SEO is highly quantifiable, understanding figures related to SEO can help you understand your business better, as well as cater to the target market and reach the expected goals. On the other hand, Brandstory, an SEO services agency in Mumbai, can help you assess the website’s present performance, by analyzing and upgrading the content, mapping, codes, linking and keyword volume. It can also recognise the website’s pros and cons.

9. SEO Effectively Helps in Setting Objective and Strategising:

Brandstory, an SEO services agency in Mumbai, can help you set the objective and reach the goals of the SEO Campaigns that you have planned. Ut will also help you establish better links between your team, theirs and the customers that you are selling to. It can also effectively strategize in order to revamp the current website and improve upon it so as to achieve better results and conversion.

10. SEO Helps in Proper Configuration of Your Website:

SEO services help with accurate keyword research cutting across topics, while picking out and using keywords that have high search volume and follows the setup of customer search patterns. They also do the required long-tail keyword research fir better content strategy resulting in better search ranking.

11. SEO Helps in Deployment and Execution of Websites, On-site and On-Page:

On-site and on-page execution strategies involve cleaning/re-arranging site codes, mapping (i.e., internal links), content, architecture keyword usage (i.e.,frontloading, synonyms), optimization of content and images, optimization of page speed, landing page load speed, navigation/crawlability of webpage, URL structure etc. Optimizations also include optimizing the page URL inventory, metadata, robot.txt, sitemap, and/or 404 errors. Search engine penalty recovery can also be performed.

12. SEO Helps in Implementation of Off-page Optimization Strategies:

This includes quality back-link building, link building through content marketing, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), blog directory submissions (Ontoplist, EatonWeb, etc.), in Q&A forum engagement, linking to social bookmarking (StumbleUpon etc.) and more.

13. SEO Helps in observing and evaluating your webpage content:

This includes monitoring the organic traffic, click-through rate or CTR, keyword rankings, visits per page, site’s position in the SERPs, scroll Depth, pages per visit, decreased bounce rates, conversion rate, time on page etc.

14. SEO Helps in Reporting and Analyzing Website Campaigns:

SEO helps to summarize and check campaign results, check performance/milestones on real time, constantly following-up with the customer regarding the report. It also provide on the go optimization after the campaign begins to fill out the inconsistencies.

Services that we provide

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Digital Marketing

Brandstory can help you set the objective and reach the goals of the digital marketing campaigns as planned. We can also effectively strategize the digital marketing plans in order to revamp the current website and improve upon the same to achieve better results and sales conversion.

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UI/UX Services

With accurate keyword research cutting across topics, while picking out and using keywords that have high search volume and following the setup of customer search patterns, Brandstory effectively configures your web content. We also do the required long-tail keyword research for better search ranking, as customers tend to have less patience

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Web Design Services

Brandstory offers static, dynamic and e-commerce website development, whether it is a corporate one, or one that blogs or sells. Our services include cleaning/re-arranging site codes, mapping (i.e., internal links), content, architecture keyword usage (i.e.,frontloading, synonyms), optimization of content and images.

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SEO services

This includes monitoring the organic traffic, click-through rate or CTR, keyword rankings, visits per page, site’s position in the SERPs, scroll Depth, pages per visit, decreased bounce rates, conversion rate, time on page etc.

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SMM Services

Engagement and evolution makes social media marketing worth all the hype. Brandstory helps in summarizing and checking campaign results, checking performance/milestones on real time, constantly following-up with the customer regarding the report.

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Mobile: Conversion On-the-go

Most digital marketing happens over mobile devices these days, as time and comfort have both become important to customers. Our mobile app design and development services can create better conversions for you, as we create smooth mobile-friendly interfaces with the help of the latest technology that are easy to use and work like magic.

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Research shows that Implementation of quality SEO on any brand’s website/digital properties proves to be beneficial to the brand as well as the marketing efforts. Considered to be a new-age marketing strategy, SEO is critical to any brand’s web presence in the contemporary era, as the available data and the competition are seeing exponential growth. Proper SEO services by Brandstory, which is an SEO agency in Mumbai, can help you outrank your competition, by creating the opportunity of having the first impression to your customers, in the day and age of digital competition.

Crawling is basically the way in which Googlebot discovers the new/updated pages that need to be added to Google index. Google uses a large number of computers in order to fetch/crawl billions of online webpages on the web. Crawling therefore means following a set path. In the SEO language, crawling is to follow the links on your website to add these other linked pages on the gradually growing list of pages that need to be crawled.

Crawling and indexing are two mutually non-inclusive concepts that are commonly misunderstood in SEO. In crawling, the Googlebot analyzes all of the contents/codes on a page, whereas indexing results in the page's eligibility to show up in Google search results.

The two types of SEO that every business owner with an online should take advantage of are:

1. Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO helps in getting listed on Google Places, which is best for small business owners as it is the easiest to setup and fastest in building results. Recent Google updates have made local business results more prominent through displaying them at the top of the searches, which are sometimes more prominent than regular top 10 results.

2. Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Also known as top 10 SEO, this is the more familiar version of SEO which gets your business listed in regular/non-local top 10 results. While traditional SEO can be more complex than the local SEO, they have the same ingredients, namely demand, relevance, authority, content, keyword research, and links.

An SEO agency helps a website gain higher Google ranking through improvement in content quality, keywords, design, and links. Brandstory, an SEO services company in Mumbai helps to take care of the following concerns which helps in achieving higher page ranking. These are:

▪ Increasing Internet visibility.

▪ Getting indexed in search engines.

▪ Being above competitors in terms of keywords selection.

▪ Achieving expected ROI goals.

The purpose of SEOis to cater to the prospective businesscustomers' questionson the internet, by equipping your digital portfolio to provideanswersand therefore generate leads.

According to research by many SEO firms, it takes around 4 to 6 months for seeing results. However, SEO results tend to gradually accrue over time. For keyword topics that have little competition, improvements in the organic ranking as well as increase in traffic may occur in a few weeks. On the other hand, competitive topics might take a few months, while the more competitive phrases can take a year or more.

In SEO, focusing on the long-tail keywords can be a great tactic. Long-tail keywords are basically keywords that are usually longer, hence more specific than the keywords that are more commonly searched for. Long-tail keywords may get lesser search traffic, yet have a higher value of conversion since they are far more specific. Such keywords allow gradual increase in traffic, and greater visibility to newer and more motivated audiences. The logic behind long-tail keywords is that with the large-scale of the world-wide-web, possible target audiences have also become quite large, although the product may only be wanted by a very small number of people. However the largeness of the scale of operations may make the niche product/keywords profitable. Therefore long tail keywords can become important for page ranking too.

Since organic search is more than often the primary source of website traffic, organic SEO proves to be important. Google is currently the most visited website in the world, as well as the most popular email provider in the world. YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine. A clear majority of world population with access to the internet is visiting Google once a day, to say the least, for information purposes, and human searches use organic keywords. Google's guidelines for organic keywords are therefore important to follow and prove to be important in the formation digital marketing strategies by Brandstory, one of the best SEO services company in Mumbai.


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