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Brandstory can help you set the objective and reach the goals of the digital marketing campaigns as planned. We can also effectively strategize the digital marketing plans in order to revamp the current website and improve upon the same to achieve better results and sales conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brandstory, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, can help evaluate website traffic, determine effective investments in relevant online platforms, and maintain balance between marketing activities and their results. Working with digital marketing agencies would mean more lead conversions. The endgame is reaching the target audience to generate profits. Digital marketing helps the brands to connect with their customers and realise the performance of the marketing campaigns in real-time. The tactical and sophisticated targeting abilities of digital marketing are quantifiable. Therefore you can check in real-time and take comfort in knowing whether the marketing efforts/strategies are actually working or not.

Digital marketing helps in promoting your products/services in different efficient and effective ways by making use of all the possible online channels, which include website marketing, content marketing, social media, influencer marketing, email lists, search engine marketing, online banner advertising, mobile applications, online advertising, video marketing, Pay per click advertising, SEO, SMS marketing, and many, many more.

The essential services that a digital marketing agency includes in their repertoire can largely be grouped as follows:

● Search Engine Optimization

● Social Media Marketing.

● Paid Marketing

● Copywriting

● Content Marketing

● Optimization of App Store

● Website Development

● Website Management

● Webhosting

● Server Maintenance

There are nine major types of digital marketing platforms/techniques, which are:

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This refers to how you can growi your online visibility in organic/non-paid results in various search engines.

2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) /Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This covers ground that is leftover by SEO, related to paid traffic generation from search engines. This happens when you purchase advertisement space appearing on users' SERP.

3.Social Media Marketing

This involves using avenues like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or LinkedIn, by posting quality content to gain more reach. Basically any effort put to increase traffic/business via social media channels can be termed as social media marketing.

4.Content Marketing

This uses delivering quality online live content to the users for generating greater sales/leads. Some examples of this kind of marketing would be YouTube videos, Tweets, and blogs linked on your website.

5.Affiliate Marketing

This refers to the process which allows you to pay affiliate services for conversions, just like hiring salespeople to push your products/services.

6.Influencer Marketing

This uses subject matter experts with huge online ing driving sales and traffic and in your target market.

7.Email Marketing

This happens through mailing lists accrued over time which update the email subscribers regularly about your products/services.

8.Viral Post Marketing

This happens via the publication of a funny, trendy or strange post which receives wide online circulation. Viral marketing results in a huge spike in the website traffic over short periods of time.

9.Mobile Advertising

Every kind of digital advertising might happen over a mobile device. Add to these SMS advertising that can be effective for local marketing.

For the digital marketers of today, their toolkits are of utmost importance, since they need to multitask at all times, whether managing data or making the customer's digital presence better. Using the right tools save time and keep things streamlined.

Some of these digital marketing tools are:

● Organic Social Media

● Email Marketing

● Paid Social Media

● Programmatic Advertising

● Display Retargeting

● Video Hosting

● Content Curation

● Website Analytics

● Search Engine Optimization

● Website Testing

● Content Creation

● Customer Service

● Affiliate Marketing

The digital marketing experts of today need to have diverse skill sets, which include clear grasp of available online media channels, recognising relevant opportunities as well as the basic skills of a good marketer. They also need to balance their creative and critical thinking skills for driving success for the company.

The top 10 most important skills for a digital marketing team would be as follows:

● Writing and Editing Skills.

● Data Analysis.

● SEO and SEM Skills.

● Email Marketing Skills.

● Social Media Skills.

● Listening Skills.

● CRM Skills.

● Paid Social Media Advertising Skills.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that you can target the ideal buyers through it, and be sure that the relevant consumers get to view your content. While SEO allows reaching the consumers searching in the web for topics concerned to your business, pay-per-click, social media advertising and banner displays help you to target consumers based upon general characteristics and demographic information, which wirks especially well for local customers. Improved targeting means better conversions out of the marketing resources and budget you have deployed. Digital marketing lets you do away with the worry that you might spending money on the ads which won’t reach the most likely customers who might take interest in your services/products.

With the constantly evolving technology, it is only natural that the global as well as local marketplace is becoming increasingly digital. As statistics would show, the benefits of digital marketing have become quite obvious, as an increasing number of consumers research and buy products online. Forbes has found that around 82% of present-day consumers conduct their product research online. Tech Crunch has reported that around 79% of the consumer base shop online and the number is growing. Digital marketing is the sure shot way of reaching these consumers, as gradually a greater number of small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. Digital marketing tactics have also proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the potential customers, as the investment is generally one-time and yields results across time.

Because of its data-oriented nature, digital marketing proves to be the most measurable marketing form. Digital marketing analytics makes sure whether the strategy is actually working. Digital marketing campaigns can be measured in real-time, therefore making visible the workability of tactics, which may be adjusted for better revenue generation. Also the insights gained from this process can be used to improve upon future campaigns. Analytics in digital marketing lets you use your resources more effectively and properly allocate the marketing budget. Since no more guesswork is involved, unnecessary expenses can be minimised and efforts can be focused on maximizing ROI.

The most important benefit of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness in marketing a business. As for traditional marketing, small businesses with their limited budgets find it hard to compete with the larger businesses for any ad space. This is where affordable and efficient digital marketing tactics get them more out of their marketing expenditure.

Traditional marketing tactics may come with many hidden costs. However time is the only cost involved in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media engagement, content marketing, etc. Yet, some digital marketing tactics like display, social media advertising, and pay-per-click are able to give quicker results.