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The power of the internet has proved to be immense and it is changing ever since it emerged. With the number of internet users increasing every day, the need for SEO is also increasing very rapidly. India has witnessed fast progress in promoting companies that are based on a web page all over the web. For any successful SEO campaign, the most essential and the very first aspect is seeking services from an excellent SEO Company as this would help the SEO campaign to be successful and the client would receive extraordinary visitors. There are several SEO companies that operate in Mumbai but you should choose the best SEO Company in Ghatkopar because selecting the best company would ensure that their expert team would thoroughly understand your business requirement and then offer a customized SEO solution.

About Brandstory Digital

All of us know that Google is the No. 1 search engine in the world. This is very crucial for every business to get their website ranking in top in Google Search Engine as well as other leading search engines. The rankings can depend on several factors like SEO OFF-Page, ON Page, Creation of SEO optimized contents etc. For businesses, this is very crucial to completely understand the target market and the target audience.

Thus, the Brandstory Digital team believes in offering the most result-oriented and cost-effective SEO services to our long list of customers following all the necessary protocols that are Google Webmaster Guidelines for SEO On-Page, Link Building, Off-Page and then ensure that the website would rank top and then start receiving the maximum visibility on the search. This makes us one of the best SEO agencies in Ghatkopar.

Brandstory Digital is one of the best SEO companies in Ghatkopar that has an expert and experienced team that improvises with the SEO strategies as well as designing skill on a perpetual basis to fetch the best results and reach the milestone always. Our team always believes in not just being good but always aspires to be the best. This passion to get results always helps us in diving deeper in finding the most appropriate SEO techniques that work in the best way possible for our clients.

Brandstory Digital is certainly the one-stop solution for all SEO needs and also the accessory services in digital marketing that helps in improving the performance of your website considerably.

Over the years we have served a long list of clients and we help businesses in achieving their marketing goals as far as digital marketing is concerned. We ensure that you can completely rely on our team for the best SEO services in Ghatkopar.

We always make it a point to work closely with the client teams in a transparent manner and make them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their websites. Once they are on the same page with us, we provide them meaningful suggestions and solutions that help them largely in identifying the actual causes of the low visibility of their website in the leading search engines. We also make it a point to complete all our projects within the set or agreed timelines/deadlines.

SEO Process

Brandstory Digital offers the best and most efficient SEO strategies that reach the targeted and potential customers across several digital platforms. We, being one of the seo in mumbai, always adopt a fool-proof SEO Process for achieving the best results for our clients.

Here are the step-by-step SEO process adopted by us:

  1. Conducting a thorough website audit
  2. The very first step that we conduct is an SEO plan that defines a particular website's major strengths & weaknesses through a very thorough website audit to receive a clear picture of how much your website is optimized as compared to your competitors in the market.

    We use the most advanced and reliable tools for the website audit and this includes the following:

    • The indexing and crawling status of the pages of your website
    • The ranking of your website in the targeted search results on the basis of the chosen keywords
    • The navigation experience of the website for the search users - both desktop and mobile users.
    • The structure of internal linking as well as the backlinks profile
    • The major SEO factors on-page ( usage of right keywords, attractive and relevant title, URLs, images and meta descriptions)
    • The level of security of your existing website
    • The overall performance of the website on the SEO front and comparing the same benchmarking with the competitor sites

    This is a mandatory step for increasing the overall efficiency of our SEO strategy as this would highlight the certain areas that would require necessary improvement for delivering the right and expected results.

  3. Performing the keywords research as per planning
  4. Keywords research makes it a crucial and high-priority step in all forms of SEO marketing strategies as the entire process of search engine optimization is being affected by the efficiency of choosing the most appropriate keywords for targeting the potential clients as well as creating certain value-added items and contents for matching their search intent.

    Before moving ahead in our SEO plan, we create a solid portfolio of the relevant keywords and then based on the same, we create the website contents.

    Our portfolio consisting of the search keywords lists would necessarily contain:

    • Short-tailed keywords necessary for the contents in the product pages
    • Keywords that are three to five words long are long-tailed keywords that are being finalized for the contents of blog posts
    • Keywords based on location with the intention of targeting search results locally. E.g. - "best SEO company in Ghatkopar"
    • Question & Answer format contents for targeting the numerous search queries done by voice.

    Once this portfolio of keywords is ready, we plan to implement our SEO strategy by starting to create relevant and optimized contents for the website. This makes us the best SEO agency in Ghatkopar.

  5. Creation of SEO-optimized contents that improves search rankings
  6. The contents that are properly SEO-optimized add a lot of value to the search users and bridge the gap in reaching the desired high search engine ranking.

    The effective and focused solutions in content marketing are done keeping in mind the informational, transactional and navigational purposes.

    The certain value-added of creating relevant SEO-optimized contents are:

    • Proper highlighting of the competitive advantages of the concerned business's services or products
    • Satisfactorily replying to the various inquiries of large number of search users with detailed and well-explained pieces of contents
    • The right usage of visuals - infographics/graphs/videos for increasing the engagement of the search users
    • Optimizing all the contents for achieving the best search results locally if the business is local. In such cases, we used keywords that are location-targeted.
    • Capitalizing on the generated traffic obtained organically by the placement of the lead generation forms that can be filled up easily and several other options of communication.

    Being the best SEO company in Ghatkopar, we have the best team of experienced content writers who create the most engaging and value-added contents which surely is one of the most essential components of the plans pertaining to business SEO.

  7. Ensuring the most optimum experience for the search users
  8. The very next step that is involved in the implementation of your SEO strategy is guaranteeing to provide the most optimal user experience for each and every website users no matter whether they are search users or returning visitors or have paid referral visits coming from some other platform of social media or any other website.

    Our team which is known for offering the best SEO services in Ghatkopar focuses on improving the structure of the website navigation for every search engine. The major aspects that are being taken care of in this step are a smooth navigation experience for the mobile users, placement of proper internal links that are related to content and product pages, optimum website loading speed, accessible options of communication and securing the financial transactions & website databases.

  9. Applying for a suitable strategy of link building
  10. The overall success of the business SEO marketing plan is majorly affected by the overall efficiency of the strategy adopted for link building. This strategy proves to be very helpful in generating continuous opportunities for receiving the highest quality referral traffic and backlinks that are related to the high-authority websites in international and local business directories. Our team offers the best strategies for link building that is a key to the success of an SEO campaign.

  11. Measuring the performance of the implemented SEO strategy
  12. The major aspects and metrics that we focus on for the effective evaluation of our implemented SEO campaign are:

    • Your website's present ranking and comparing the same to the previous ranking in the targeted search engine results
    • The volume of organic traffic being generated every month
    • The metrics of user experience
    • The number of the quality inbound links that are effectively gained every month
    • The ultimate conversion metrics evaluates the leads being generated and the completed purchases in a certain period of time. After the complete purchase figures are found out, the ROI is also determined for calculating the success of the SEO campaign.
  13. Perpetual improvement and updating of the website
  14. There are frequent updates that keep coming to the algorithms of every search engine and the ever-increasing number of competitors aspiring for the first position in the top search engine results would necessarily require your website to be updated regularly and new contents are to be uploaded for maintaining the desired ranking of the website in the search results. Our team takes care of everything for our clients.

Why hire Brandstory Digital SEO Company?

Brandstory Digital is one of the best SEO agencies in Ghatkopar. There are several great reasons for hiring us for accomplishing your SEO campaigns. Some of the primary reasons are as follows:

  1. We offer result-oriented SEO solutions
  2. Search engine optimization has become an inevitable digital marketing requirement for every business due to the high competition in almost every industry and thus your website' search engine ranking is to be improved and maintained all the time for maximum visibility and to enhance the chances of business conversions by reaching out to more and more potential leads and customers. We offer you the best ROI-focused SEO solutions that eventually help you in growing your business considerably.

  3. We have the most experienced SEO professionals in our team
  4. While you may be aware of the SEO basics by reading a lot of articles, resources and blog posts available on the web. However, when it comes to execution, it requires deep knowledge and hands-on experience for accomplishing successful SEO campaigns for your website. Our team of certified and experienced SEO professionals have several years of hands-on experience in conducting successful SEO campaigns. So, when you associate with us, the SEO campaign for your business is in safe hands and thus you can remain assured of fetching the best results. Thus, you enjoy complete peace of mind.

  5. We offer you the best results
  6. Our team of SEO professionals have several years of experience and thus they are the best people to evaluate your existing website, your business goals and also your competitors in the market for creating a comprehensive plan for increasing your website's overall visibility in search. They would be able to track your progress and would adjust the plans accordingly for ensuring the right path for achieving the desired results.

  7. Outsourcing the SEO duties would help you focus on your core business
  8. When you outsource the SEO duties to our expert SEO team, your in-house team would have more time to focus on the core business and take care of those duties well. We have the required knowledge and latest updates about SEO and thus are confident of delivering you the best results.

  9. We serve as a full-service digital agency
  10. We are a full-service digital agency as opposed to those companies that offer strictly SEO services. So, you can be able to lean on us for all your online marketing requirements and not only SEO. So, you save your time on finding other agencies and dealing with them. We can offer you the complete gamut of online solutions that you would require from time to time.

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Why is my site not appearing in the search results?

There can be several reasons why your website is not appearing in search results. Some of the obvious reasons are:

  • The website is not SEO-friendly or it does not have a proper navigation structure
  • Most of the parts of the website contain frame or flash
  • The website does not have the required backlinks and quality content

My website is visible in the search engines only when I type the name of my company?

In case a website is lacking the desired quality of content and backlinks. Also, the website does not have the required SEO campaigns. So, they do not appear so often on the first page of any major search engine. For improving the Search engine rank of your website, you should opt for the specialized SEO services offered by Brandstory Digital.

What is the time required for placing my business website in the top 10 rankings?

It usually takes 3-4 months from the start of an SEO campaign to bring your website in the top 10 rankings. Nevertheless, it depends on several factors so at times it may take a bit longer.

Is the age of my website important?

Yes, the age of your website matters in your search engine ranking and so do a host of other factors.

How would my website be able to achieve the position within the top 10 rankings in the leading search engines?

Our team of SEO experts achieve the same majorly by following the below techniques:

  • Following the general SEO rules for getting your website within the top 10 positions,
  • Ensuring that your website is well-designed with a search engine-friendly approach.
  • Avoiding the flash websites as they cannot be read by the Search Engines
  • Performing extensive relevant keyword phrase research & analysis and then including the final keywords in the website's contents.
  • Building several backlinks
  • Never adopting deceitful methods like black hat SEO techniques for fooling the Search Engines or the web visitors