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SEO is one of the more crucial aspects than ever before with so much overcrowding and competition for the placements/rankings on the top search engine. Getting a particular site ranked towards the top SERP is nothing less than winning a battle. SEO necessarily requires a high level of expertise & patience and this is very vital that every web page that you have on your web site is properly set up and every search engine employs various ranking algorithms or formulae. This specifically means that every webpage requires SEO optimized content and coding for satisfying these particular formulae for the leading search engines in terms of how all the text is written on every page and the way the coding has been set. Recently, it has been observed that Google is paying more importance to user behavior and experience. This specifically means that the necessary role of an SEO professional has become even more tough and critical.

About Brandstory Digital

We are a renowned SEO Company based out in India offering the best and 100% white hat SEO services to a long list of clients from all across the globe. We always follow a very result-driven approach for achieving the top search engine ranking for your company/firm's website as our projects are led by the best SEO experts in Khar/Santa Cruz. Our technical expertise, as well as SEO experience, facilitates us in ensuring desirable results for all the SEO campaigns undertaken.

As a leading SEO company in Khar/Santa Cruz, we have vastly invested a considerably large amount of money and time for continually researching on search engine algorithm as well as continue this work in this highly dynamic and ever-changing for ensuring every page of the website makes the best use of its potential for gaining more and more extra business. When you decide to hire an SEO Company, you would always be assured that all the necessary SEO updates are implemented for fulfilling the on-page optimization factors and also for catering to all the off page SEO optimization necessities.

A very effective website promotion facilitates a particular website to promote a very wide range of internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and this does not literally limit your visibility online to any specific city like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi etc. or any country like UK, India, Australia. The main benefit of SEO is that you receive Global Visibility & can also be found on International Search Engine Results at a very negligible cost as compared to several other means of digital marketing methodologies.

Brandstory Digital is the best SEO agency in Khar/Santa Cruz that works towards making the contents of your website rich as well as search engine friendly. This facilitates your website to get indexed and match the different criteria of leading Search Engines. Our team makes it a point to keep the right track of all our ongoing SEO projects and keep them updating from time to time to make them user-friendly.

If you want your website to rank on the first page of the leading search engines, then do connect with us or you may drop into our office for a cup of coffee together. Our team would surely offer you the best service as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned.

SEO Process

Brandstory Digital offers ROI-focused and most efficient SEO strategies that reach the targeted and potential customers across several digital platforms. We, being one of the top SEO companies in Khar/Santa Cruz, always adopt a fool-proof SEO Process for achieving the best results for our clients.

Here are the step-by-step SEO process adopted by us:

  1. Competition Analysis
  2. The very first step in our SEO process is competition analysis that helps us define the actionable points on the basis of the data that we gather. For example: we analyze the competition websites' relevant keywords, rankings and also the content marketing strategies that they have successfully adopted. However, we do not blindly copy anyone's strategy. We always plan for the most customized and ideal strategies that are required for ranking our client's website to the topmost position.

  3. Keyword Research
  4. Our team meets our client's team and then mutually finalizes the most relevant and effective set of keywords that cater to the concerned business or brand. For example: If you as a business owner are opting for our SEO services, you can share the list of services/products that you intend to focus on primarily. We would surely focus on the same so that the achieved rankings are aligned with your desired business objectives.

  5. In-depth Analysis of the Site
  6. Google has clearly announced certain guidelines defining how an ideal website should look from the user and SEO perspective. We conduct a detailed audit (on the basis of user experience and technical aspects) and then create the most result-oriented checklist. The pointers that we include in the checklist are being implemented once our and the client's team mutually agree.

  7. Basemark Report
  8. Our team shares the base mark report with all the present statistics of SEO for an in-depth analysis of a particular portal. This specific report would give you a clear idea of measuring the overall growth of a particular campaign on a month-on-month basis as per the scope of SEO.

  9. Analysis of Backlinks
  10. We do conduct an extensive assessment on the number of links that come from the external websites for enhancing and to excel. We ensure that all the links that come to our site are only from credible websites. We have the best experts to measure with the domain authority of a particular website.

  11. Structuring and Optimization of the Internal links
  12. Our team conducts the internal linking on the website based on relevancy so that the particular link juice has effectively flowed from the top to all the relevant website pages. Wikipedia is a strong example of the same as Wikipedia ranks on the top due to the internal linking.

  13. Content Planning
  14. Our team conducts a content planning initiative on the basis of the final list of keywords. Our team ensures that the content is completely unique and all the text contents in every webpage have ideal keyword density, flow and tonality.

  15. Artificial Intelligence in SEO
  16. This is difficult to rank any website only on the basis of backlinks and content. Google is very smart and can very well understand the overall context of the content that is on the pages and would rank well only those pages that are able to address the users' queries better and add value for them.

Why hire Brandstory Digital SEO Company?

If you want to bring in major success in your SEO marketing endeavor, then you would require expert help for sure. Here are the top reasons why you should hire Brandstory Digital as your SEO service partner.

  1. Unmatched expertise
  2. We are a professional and result-focused SEO service provider and is considered as one of the top SEO companies in Khar/Santa Cruz. We have the expertise and experience that is required for a very successful online marketing initiative. While you must be knowing the SEO basics, our professional SEO team knows every nook & cranny of the SEO. Our professionals are best-equipped with the right experience and knowledge of creating and implementing a well-tailored marketing plan.

  3. Time-saving
  4. This takes time for learning all the necessary nuances of the vast field of SEO marketing. When this comes to knowing SEO, it takes a lot of time to understand and implement the same. Time is nothing less than a commodity in the field of business and there is not enough of it.

    Chances are you do not have a lot of time to learn SEO and then implement it in your business. Your employees would also be more interested in concentrating on the core business rather than taking up SEO right from the scratch. We, as a professional seo services company in mumbai, have all the required knowledge, experience and latest updates in the field of SEO. So, when you hire us, you save a lot of your valuable time.

  5. Saving manpower and money
  6. In-house SEO initiatives and efforts can prove to be costly. If you have an expert SEO marketing team already working in-house for a long time, then doing your SEO duties in-house is still fine but hiring a new SEO team is not a great idea. Instead, you should opt for hiring a professional SEO agency like us that would give you the right value for the money you spend on the SEO campaigns. Our competent SEO team is well-equipped to tackle all the challenges and keep updating their strategies from time to time for delivering the best results to our clients.

  7. Efforts that are completely performance-driven
  8. We make it a point to go above & beyond for satisfying our customers. The overall mentality that your success ensures would create an environment that guarantees pure performance.

    We being one of the best SEO companies in Khar/SantaCruz always provide the best-quality work as we very well know that a failed SEO campaign would completely tarnish our reputation in the market.

  9. A competitive edge
  10. The majority of the companies believe that SEO is very effective. You can count on an even higher percentage of companies that use this marketing technique. We already have thousands of SEO campaigns successfully accomplished. So, we do have a competitive edge over others.

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Is conducting an SEO campaign worth the money I spend on it?

Yes, good SEO practices conducted by reputed and reliable SEO agencies improve your website�s visibility many times and also their rankings over search engines. Thus, opting for SEO campaigns would surely open doors for many new clients for your business and eventually enhance the profitability of your business. So, conducting an SEO campaign is surely worth the money you spend on it.

As an SEO agency, do you require a point of contact from the client�s side?

This completely depends on how the client company arranges for their site management. Usually, the CEO and the Project Managers are always short of time. So, preferably there should be another point of contact who would be ready to respond on the behalf of the head.

Is it possible to pay Google to fetch higher rankings for my website?

No, this is not possible. There is no strategy like this where you have the option of paying Google for a higher rank in the search results. However, you can opt for running Google AdWords campaigns which can provide you with beneficial results to a certain extent.

Are custom SEO packages available?

Although a comprehensive SEO package is undoubtedly the best and most relied on option for boosting your profits from digital marketing, we can also offer custom SEO packages as per the requirement and budget of the clients being one of the top SEO companies in Khar/Santa Cruz.

What are the major features of a Google-friendly site?

A Google-friendly site should necessarily have these two primary features that are as follows:

  • The site should be easily accessible.
  • The site should be able to give its visitors accurate, updated and to-the-point information to the queries that they are looking for.