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The biggest challenge for any particular business is to ensure that when the internet users look for a product or service like yours online, they should find your business promptly online before any of your competitors. So, Brandstory Digital is the best SEO agency in Kandivali that focuses on both the aspects of website optimization for visitors as well as the organic growth of web traffic. The leading search engines like Google and Bing give a lot of significance to the user-friendly as well as user-engaging websites and these sites usually rank on the top of the list or on the first page of the Search Engine when searched about a similar product or service by an internet user.

About Brandstory Digital

Brandstory Digital is one of the renowned and top SEO companies in Kandivali. Our team of SEO experts help our long list of clients across various industries to help them in achieving topmost rankings on Google and several other leading search engines.

Visibility of your business online has surely become inevitable and the need of the hour in today's world. The competitive bloom has already led to several brands very fiercely fighting for recognition. The internet has forced millions of organizations to question their conventional marketing strategies. Such a transformed scenario demands traditional wisdom to be redefined. This is a time for inducing the successful and organic growth of your business.

With our distinguished SEO services, Brandstory Digital helps companies in fostering long-lasting friendships with the leading search engines. This specifically adds as a major catalyst to their journey in evolving as an accomplished and successful brand.

We at Brandstory Digital always urge to understand the requirements of our customers for offering them the right, effective and customized SEO services.

Our SEO plans are always custom-made for meeting the goals of the clients.

Brandstory Digital being the best SEO company in Kandivali thoroughly understands the needs of the customers and accordingly offers them the right SEO services. Our SEO plans are custom-made for meeting the business objectives of our clients.

We majorly offer three types of SEO services:

Local SEO services - This SEO service package is customized for those businesses that are looking forward to enhancing their overall visibility in their respective cities only. Their target audience is usually restricted to specific geography. When a business uses this service, they manage to improve their business listing towards the top of the Google map pack. Our team manages & optimizes their Google My Business listing for the clients through this SEO package. For example, if your business is in the Kandivali area in Mumbai and you want to target the residents of this area, our SEO experts can offer customized solutions to target internet users in Kandivali.

National SEO service - This particular service is for those businesses that are looking forward to targeting wider geography. They either have a presence in several cities or have a business that has the bandwidth of servicing customers remotely. In this particular service, our team performs both on-page as well as off-page optimization. Our team regularly sends a report to the customers with a certain set of activities that are being performed and the results achieved.

E-Commerce SEO service - This particular SEO service is very well-designed for the benefit of e-commerce businesses. Our team of SEO experts help e-commerce businesses in ranking for keywords that are relevant to the products or services that they are offering. We being the best SEO experts in Kandivali, ensure to work on every product and category individually for ensuring that the client company receive the most optimized and maximum benefits.

SEO Process

Brandstory Digital has an elaborate SEO process consisting of six steps that would optimize your website to receive a higher and better position in all the major search engines.

Our step-by-step SEO process is as follows:

  1. Understanding the project thoroughly
  2. In the process of SEO, we first need to understand your complete business and the major requirements of the business in terms of digital marketing. Then we would identify the areas of opportunity. The things we do in this step are as follows:

    • Brief regarding the project- Our team understands you nature of business like the services or products that you market and the ones that you want to promote. Also, we would have a discussion with your core business team to understand the USPs of your services and products and also the locations of your target audience.
    • Keywords- We would like to ask your team's suggestions regarding the keywords that you would want to rank your website on results pages of the topmost and leading search engines.
    • Competitors- Also, your team would brief you regarding the key competitors of your business.
  3. Keywords Research
  4. Our team of SEO experts in Kandivali research continually finding the best and effective ways of improving the website of your business on various parameters like increasing relevant traffic to your website, increasing the business leads which eventually have the potential of converting into sales. Our expert SEO team identifies potential keywords after conducting a thorough process of keywords research. We also research a number of other competitor activities as well as their keywords and then finally implement the best one that is suitable for your website. Our goal is always targeted towards improving the organic ranking of your website without any kind of penalty by the search engines. Our expert initiatives make us one of the best seo agency in mumbai.

  5. Creating an SEO strategy
  6. Creating an effective roadmap of result-oriented SEO strategy as well as project ideas that are clearly measurable and deliverable as per the clients' business goals and requirements is the major purpose of this step.

    • On-Page strategy - Creating a plan for the business website's On-Page SEO strategy is targeted towards optimizing a webpage right from a Title, inbound links to Meta Description & more.
    • Content strategy - A website's contents are the most crucial parts of the entire digital marketing agenda of a business. So, we check for any kind of duplicate content, right utilization of relevant keywords, thin content and the proper utilization of the selected keywords on-page & more.
    • Off-page strategy - In an SEO off-page strategy, our team plans for acquiring some high-quality backlinks from authority websites and also focus on user engagement activities.
    • Analysis of the competitors: Our expert SEO team tracks the activities of our client's competitors, their on/off-page SEO strategies & audit of backlinks etc.
  7. On-site SEO optimization
  8. On-page SEO optimization is an extensive exercise for optimizing your website's every element in order to get crawled by Googlebot of your page content & website structure without any error so that your website will be indexed in a proper manner. At Brandstory Digital, our SEO experts optimize your business website in all the crucial areas by placing all the potential keywords.

    • Page Title - Page title is the crucial area of any website. This is visible on the leading search engine result page (SERP) where the user reads and then clicks to reach your website.
    • Meta Description - This will be visible on search engine result pages. An informative description of your website would help the users in understanding what the page is all about.
    • URL Structure - We would optimize an SEO-friendly URL along with the crucial keywords of your website.
    • Inbound Linking - This is a crucial part of an On-Page SEO where we identify the opportunity of inbound linking in the page and implement it.
  9. Off-page SEO Optimization
  10. After the completion of on-page optimization on your website, we do work on the off-page activity for the website. We make a link building strategy as per the services or products offered by the client's business. When it comes to Off-Page SEO optimization services, we would do the link building activities for acquiring the backlinks from different high-quality domain authorities & relevant websites. Our expertise in this makes us the best SEO company in Kandivali.

  11. Analysis & Reporting
  12. Analysis & reporting are the most crucial activities for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. Also, we would create a report on a quarterly or monthly basis tracking your website's performance. This would give your website keywords ranking reports.
    • Google Analytics Report - Our team creates Google Analytics for your website for tracking the website's goals and traffics.
    • Google Webmasters Tool - Our team creates a Google Webmasters tool for your website. This is used for technical SEO purposes & the website's hygienic check.
    • Keywords Ranking Report - We check the keywords ranking of the client's website on a weekly basis.
    • Link building report - We send a link report every month as we acquire for your website.

Why hire Brandstory Digital SEO Company?

Brandstory Digital is one of the best SEO agencies in Kandivali. There are several great reasons for hiring us for accomplishing your SEO campaigns. Some of the primary reasons are as follows:

  1. Most competent and dedicated SEO experts - Brandstory Digital has the best experts in the field of SEO. Our SEO professionals have vast experience and thus accomplish the best results for our clients. They have successfully helped clients from different industries with various business objectives.
  2. Rich knowledge in technology - Brandstory Digital is a leader in building and optimizing custom websites and also specializes in app development. Our team has a rich legacy in the technology domain and a thorough knowledge of the entire digital universe. We do have an experienced in-house coding team who can quickly make required modifications by the SEO team. This considerably avoids delays for making small changes.
  3. Customized SEO plans - Every client is different from others. Each one of them has a different expectation. Our team customizes SEO plans that are based on the requirements of the clients. This is done after a thorough analysis of the targeted geography and keywords.

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Why should I outsource my SEO duties?

Hiring a good local SEO company for gauging & improving your website's performance can help you considerably in saving your valuable time. This eases the bandwidth of the internal team. The specialized SEO experts would facilitate you with the insights that would come from the experience. They help you in looking at your communication just in the way that an average user does. In case you are sceptical, our SEO team would offer you a free consultation for you to properly evaluate in case the option of outsourcing is the best option for you.

What are the end results that can be expected from an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign facilitates the increase of visibility of the unpaid results for your website. This involves different processes like Keyword Research, Website Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Content Optimization, Link Building, Video SEO and several other aspects that help in keeping up with the dynamic and ever-updating leading search engines.

How long would it take for the SEO procedure to generate results?

While this roughly takes 6-8 months for the SEO process to generate proper results, they start showing gradual results and some increase of traffic to your website from the third month of starting the SEO campaign.

Why do I require SEO services?

Every business usually requires an SEO-friendly and top-ranking website for registering a strong online presence. Just designing and hosting a website is not enough to be visible in the web world. In case you require your owned business website to look professional, you require to optimize the website according to the crawler of the search engine. So, the leading search engine's crawler would index the contents of your owned website. This would increase your website's rank higher on SERP. So, your website necessarily requires SEO services.

Is it possible to hire SEO services from an SEO agency for my local business in Kandivali?

Yes, you can opt for SEO services in Kandivali for your local business from Brandstory Digital to make your business more competitive. Trying to do SEO for your local business's website can run you into losses. So, you should hire the best SEO professionals wisely for the job. The Brandstory Digital team offers you the best SEO solutions and facilitates your business to be profitable.